Kieran Doherty

“I gcuimhne ar Vol. Kieran Doherty TD, [IRA] Briogáid Bhéal Feirste, 0f 54 Commedagh Drive, rugadh 16ú Deireadh Fómhair 1955, elected TD for Cavan/Monaghan 18th June 1981, a fuair bás 2ú Lúnasa 1981, after 73 days on hunger strike in the H-Blocks of Long Kesh. ‘It is not those who can inflict the most, but those who can endure the most, who will conquer in the end.’ [Terence McSwiney]” The memorial stone is in Commedagh Drive, Belfast, just west of Doherty’s home.

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Charles Kickham

“Charles J. Kickham 1828 – 1882. Patron of Ardoyne GAA [Cumann Lúth Chleas Gael].” Poet and columnist for the Irish People, Kickham was arrested in 1865 after the offices of the paper were raided upon suspicion of organising an IRB rebellion. The local club has had a mural at the top of the street since 1993.

Flax Street, Belfast.


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New Lodge Volunteers

Volunteers from the IRA’s 3rd battalion, Belfast Brigade, Billy Reid, Sean McIlvenna, Rosemary Bleakley, and Michael Kane are shown walking down New Lodge Road. Gibraltar victim Dan McCann is included in the 16 faces in the apex. The main image is on boards while the knotwork and dedication are on brick. “I measc laochra na nGael go raibh a nanamacha.” M02409

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Mise Éire


A dolmen, standing stones, designs from Newgrange, an illustration from a celtic manuscript, and the warrior Cú Chulainn surround Padraig Pearse’s poem Mise Éire
“Mise Éire, sine mé ná an cailleach béara,
Mór mo glóire, mé a rug Cú Culainn cróga.
Mór mo náire, mo clann féin a dhíol a mátair.
[Mór mo phian, bithnaimhde do mo shíorchiapadh.
Mór mo bhrón, d’éag an dream inar cuireas dóchas.]
Mise Éire, uaigní mé ná an chailleac béarra.”

Or, in English:
“I am Ireland: I am older than the Hag of Beara.
Great my glory, I who bore brave Cúchulainn.
Great my shame, my own children that sold their mother.
[Great my pain, my irreconcilable enemy who harrasses me continually.
Great my sorrow, that crowd, in whom I placed my trust, decayed.]
I am Ireland, I am lonelier than the Hag of Beara.”

The wide shots below show both Chamberlain Street murals, Mise Éire and the Firing Party mural featured previously.

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