The Four Leaf Clover

The players of Scottish soccer team Glasgow Celtic are shown ‘doing the huddle’ on the side of the Bowling Green pub in Main Street, Strabane (An Srath Bán). The red-and-white flag is the flag of county Derry.


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In Aghaidh Impiriúlachas Na Breataine In Éirinn

“I gcomóradh na stailceoirí ocrais a fuair bás i mBloic-H na Céise Fada sa bhiain 1981 agus i ndíl chuimhne ar ár cróga go léir a thug a raibh acu ar stailc ocrais in aghaidh impiriúlachas na Breataine in Éirinn. This memorial stone is erected to commemorate the deaths of 10 republican volunteers who died in the H-Blocks of Long Kesh prison in the cause of Irish freedom. Their supreme sacrifice changed the course of Irish history forever. Their suffering and subsequent deaths showed the inhumane barbarity of a British government in its attempts to deny our people their liberty and rights as a free nation.”

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For Irish Freedom In The West Tyrone Area

“In proud and loving memory of all those who gave their lives for Irish freedom in the West Tyrone area”. “Go luí cré ársa Thír Eoghain go héadrom ar uigheanna ár laochrai uaisle.” [May the ancient Tyrone clay lie lightly on the graves of our noble warriors.] Michael Devine, Eugene Devlin, Gerald McGlynn, Danny McCauley, Jim McGinn, Peter McElchar, Jim McAleer, Seamus Harvey, Charles Breslin, Tobias Molloy, Neil Lafferty, Patrick Shanaghan, Patrick Cannon, Davide Devine, Joseph Connolly, Damian Brolly. For the actual headstone, in Strabane Cemetery, see Stabane’s Republican Graves.

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Stailc Ocrais

Twelve hunger strikers prior to the 1981 strike are included in this Shaws Road board: on the left: Thomas Ashe, Mountjoy 1917; Michael Fitzgerald, Cork 1920; Terence McSwiney, Brixton 1920; Joseph Murphy, Cork 1920; Joseph Witty, Curragh 1923; Denis Barry, Newbridge 1923; Andrew Sullivan, Newbridge 1923; Tony D’Arcy, Arbour Hill 1940; Jack McNeela, Arbour Hill 1940; Seán McCaughey, Portlaoise 1946; Michael Gaughan, Parkhurst 1974; plus on the right: Frank Stagg, Wakefield 1976.


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Caoimhín Mac Brádaigh

“Óglach Coimhín Mac Brádaigh a fuair bás agus é ag cosaint a phobail.” [Volunteer Coimhín Mac Brádaigh, who died while defending his people.] Mac Brádaigh was killed pursuing loyalist gunman Michael Stone, who was attacking the funeral of the Gibraltar 3, in Milltown Cemetery, on March 16th, 1988, twenty years before the board above was erected on the Andersonstown Road.

The board was previously hung on the main Andersonstown Road: M04031 and X05026 but is shown here in South Link, on top of the Sinn Féin centenary mural.

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Pat Finucane

“Targeted by British Establishment; Executed by Loyalist killer gang.” Solicitor and “human rights activist” Pat Finucane was shot in 1989 at his home in north Belfast by loyalist paramilitaries aided by MI5. Collusion in the killing was admitted in 2011 by then-Prime Minister David Cameron. Ten years after Finucane’s death, Rosemary Nelson was also assassinated. “If you don’t defend human rights lawyers, who will defend human rights? – Rosemary Nelson”. The board in Beechmount Drive was originally black. The plaque was “unveiled by his family Sunday 11th Febraury 2007”.

M04489 M04490

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Santa Is A British Agent

Above: “Cáisc [Easter] 1916”, dating back to at least 1990. Below: “Santa is a British agent” (perhaps because of spying concerns or perhaps because of the blizzard that dropped 15 cm of snow in early January, 2008 – get in touch if you know what prompted this graffiti) with “Join Sinn Féin” stencils beneath.


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Acht Na Gaeilge TÉ

Campaigning for an Irish Language Act, begun with the Belfast Agreement (see the 2002 mural in this location which calls for “language rights”) and reinforced by the St Andrew’s Agreement in 2006, continues. “The Irish Language Act NI – needed more now than ever before.” “Acht na Gaeilge T[uaiscairt] É[ireann] – de dhíth níos mó anois ná riamh roimhe!” Pobal is a non-profit community development organisation and umbrella group for Irish-language efforts. Brighton Street, Belfast.


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