Easter Lily

The Easter lily is the symbol on the 1916 Rising. The stamen is yellow, but typically painted orange so that the colours of the parts match the colours of the Tricolour. Ardoyne Road, Belfast.


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St James’s Supports The Hunger Strikers

St James’s supports the hunger strikes – in Long Kesh and Armagh (vintage posters from the era are reproduced) and in Turkey. On the side-wall to the left, son Joseph McDonnell weeps at the foot of the coffin of his father, Joe. For in-progress images, see the 2001 post. Hugo Street, Belfast

M01664 M01665

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Talk Of Us As Though We Were Beside You

IRA B Company volunteers Kevin Delaney, Patrick Campbell, Michael Clarke, Anne Parker, and Michael Sloan are shown on patrol in Ballymurphy Parade, the street just to the left of this mural. Campbell was 16 when killed by friendly fire; the oldest at time of death was Delaney, at 26. (Also named on the plaque are Esther Valelly, Theresa Campbell, and Maggie Campbell.) Glenalina Road, Belfast. “Grieve not nor speak of us with tears but laugh and talk of us as though we were beside you” “óglaigh na hÉireann, Belfast brigade, B. coy, 2nd batt”

M01644 [M01645 X00070]

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Out Of The Ashes of 1969

“In Ireland’s darkest hour her sons and daughters have always rallied to her cause” and “out of the ashes of 1969 arose the Provisionals”. Different generations of Irish rebellion are portrayed: there is a 1798/1803 pikeman in the background, an early IRA man on the left, and female and male volunteers from the Troubles in the foreground. Jasmine Corner/Gardenmore Road, Belfast.


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