Green, White, Orange

You only need three colours to paint the Easter lily and the Irish Tricolour. Main Avenue, Newry.


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Political Status Denied

The fight for political status by the ten 1981 hunger-strikers in the H-Blocks (plus Michael Gaughan and Frank Stagg from the 70s) is linked to the status of republican prisoners in Maghaberry in 2001. A volunteer in funereal clothing, including an Easter lily on his beret, is at the centre. Camlough Road/Carnagat Road, Newry, stronghold of PIRA S. Down, Armagh Brigade.

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On The Brink Of Sectarian Disaster

Dissatisfaction with Billy McMillen’s leadership of the Belfast OIRA led to the Provisionals splitting off in 1969, after the outbreak of the Troubles in August. The PIRA made two attempts on his life. He was killed, however, by a member of the INLA – the result of the second (1974) split from the Officials – in 1975. Here is a pamphlet of his writings, including the 1973 Bodenstown speech from which the quotation comes. The board features a famous image of Markets OIRA leader Joe McCann.

Clondara St, Belfast


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INLA Roll Of Honour

Six INLA volunteers are remembered on a memorial stone in the City Cemetery, Derry. The other memorial is to the ten deceased 1981 hunger strikers (“They were ordinary men in extraordinary circumstances whose steadfast resolve, discipline, and unity of purpose prevailed”) and five local “comrades and friends”.

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