Disband RUC

“Disband RUC” and a small “No RUC” road sign and Easter lily, above a large Tricolour and a “green ribbon” list of “Local Republican POWs”: Mickey Duff, Stephen Jameson, Desmond Madden, Gerard, Mateer, Kevin McSHane, George Mervyn, Scott Monaghan, Ciaran Morrison, Thomas O’Dwyer, Noel Cosgrove, Mark Skillen, Ciaran SMyth, Christopher Walsh, Ciaran Collins, Patrick Ireland, Michaal Duffy. Falls Road, Belfast


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We Will Meet Force With Force

1994 images of five (of six) adjacent panels in Ballycolman, Strabane. From left to right: We will meet force with force (1989 | 1990), Che Guevara – They may kill the revolutionary but never the revolution (1989 | 1990), Wear an Easter lily (1989 | 1990), James Connolly – Easter/Cáisc 1916 (1989), Óglaigh na hÉireann (1989), [out of shot: Stop Strip Searches (1989 | 1990)]. The set of six in 1990.

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The Cause Stays The Same


“The weaponry has changed …” from the rifles used by James Connolly’s ICA of 1916 to the AK-47 of the Bobby Sands-inspired IRA of 1991, “… but the cause stays the same.” Both weapons are crossed with the pike of Emmet’s 1798 against a Tricolour. Also present are a hat (see History Ireland) and a beret.

Beechmount Avenue, Belfast.


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Easter 1916



Light through prison bars illuminates a prostrate hunger striker attended by two women, one of whom wears a headscarf in the tricolours – this board is from 1986. Below it (visible in the wide shot) is an earlier Easter Rising commemoration mural (from 1991) with portraits of the seven signatories to the proclamation arranged around a large lily.

Berwick Road, Belfast.

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