Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass, 1818-1895. “Inspired by two Irishmen to escape from slavery Frederick Douglass came to Ireland during the famine. Henceforth he championed the abolition of slavery, women’s rights and Irish freedom.” “Perhaps no class has carried prejudice against colour to a point more dangerous than have the Irish and yet no people have been more relentlessly oppressed on account of race and religion. (Also by Douglass, and which would have made an apt quote for the mural: “I prayed for twenty years but received no answer until I prayed with my legs.”) Divis Street, Belfast.


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Lower Falls Memorial Garden

Additional plaques (along the side wall) have been added to the Lower Falls Memorial Garden (Falls Road, Belfast) – the first is of D Company members up to 1969, the second is of volunteers from the 1970s, the third is to civilians.

The final two images are close-ups of the main monument, seen previously (from a distance) in 2001.

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The First Blanketman

IRA volunteer Kieran (here Ciarán) Nugent spent nine months in Long Kesh as a Special Category prisoner in 1975. When he was arrested again in 1976 and sent to the H Blocks, the status no longer existed and he could no longer wear his own clothes. He refused to wear a prison uniform and spent his first night naked. On the next day he was given a blanket and so became the first blanket man. Rockville Street, Belfast.

M02550 [M02551]

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Volunteers From The Greater New Barnsley Area

“In memory of the volunteers from Greater New Barnsley area who gave their lives in the fight for Irish freedom: Martin Forsythe, Bobby McCrudden, Eddie O’Rawe, Martin Skillen, Gerard Fennell, Sean McDermott, Terence O’Neill, James Murphy, Tom Magill, Sean Savage, Kevin McCracken, Pearse Jordan, Liam Mulholland, Fian Cathy McGartland, Fian John Dempsey, Sinn Fein Paul Best, Sinn Fein Eddie Brophy.” Moyard Parade, Belfast.


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We Are The Pilgrims, Master

“We are the pilgrims, master – we shall go always a little further” is a line from James Elroy Flecker’s verse poem Hassan and is inscribed on the clock tower of the the Hereford barracks of the SAS (WP). It is used here by “East Belfast Ulster Volunteer Force – The People’s Army”. Tamar Street, Belfast.

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