Sgt Lindsay Mooney

The Lindsay Mooney Memorial Flute Band was formed in 1973 after the St. Patrick’s day death of 19-year-old Lindsay Mooney, a UDA member killed by the premature explosion of a bomb near Lifford, County Donegal (Sutton). The band dissolved in 1993 but commemorative nights are still held (Sentinel) (and there are recent videos on youtube of a band with this name). Cathedral Youth Club, The Fountain, Londonderry.

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Civil Rights

2004 mural by the Bogside Artists called “Civil Rights – The Beginning”, perhaps meaning the time before the October 5th, 1968 march in Derry was attacked by the RUC and the footage was broadcast around the world. See the WP page on the civil rights movement and the extensive page on NICRA, the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association. The in-progress shot is from 2003.

Rossville Street, Derry

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Killed In Annie’s Bar

December 2017 saw the 45th anniversary of the attack by loyalist gunmen on Annie’s Bar in the Top Of The Hill area of the Waterside (Derry Journal). Four Catholics and a Protestant were killed. “In memory of Charles Moore, Frank McCarron, Michael McGinley, Bernard Kelly, Charles McCafferty who were killed in Annie’s Bar on the 20th December 1972.” Strabane Old Road, Derry


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George Washington

“If defeated everywhere else I will make my final stand for liberty with the Scotch-Irish (Ulster-Scots) of my native Virginia.” George Washington commanded the Continental Army during the revolution and served as the first president of the United States beginning in 1789. His ancestry was English and the quote is undocumented, the closest being this statement from McKinley. The note in the corner reads “History records that almost half of Washington’s army were Ulster-Scots”; the basis for this claim might be General (Charles?) Lee’s report that “half the rebel Continental Army were from Ireland.” (See Chapter 2 of Bagenal, The American Irish and their Influence on Irish Politics.)

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Ebrington Street Lower, Londonderry


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James Buchanan

“My Ulster blood is my most priceless heritage.” James Buchanan, 15th president of the United States, was born in Pennsylvania to an Ulster-Scots father from Donegal (WP).

This is the second in a series of murals about Ulster-Scots presidents called “From pioneers to presidents”. Buchanan’s mural would also later be painted in Belfast. Previously: Theodore Roosevelt.

Ebrington Street, Londonderry.


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