Disband The RUC

Still standing after nine years (1995) – a three-in-one RUC/Orange Order/loyalist paramilitary mural in Lecky Road, Derry.


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Keep The Orange Order Out

Two boards in Welsh Street, south Belfast: “Vote Sinn Féin’s [Seán] Hayes. Keep the Orange Order out. May 21st No. 1” and “93% Protestant, 100% Unionist – Disband the RUC.” The figure on the left is a three-in-one RUC officer, Orange Order member, and loyalist paramilitary. Hayes was elected fourth from the Laganbank district, taking a seat from the SDLP.


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Approved Orange Route

The “approved Orange route” – approved by the “SS” RUC and the Parades Commission Chairman, is right over Catholics. The march was cancelled on July 11th after opposition to marches in many places, including the Drumcree march of July 6th. “June 20” (on the right of the mural) is the date Mo Mowlam (Beware!) is reported to have decided to force the Drumcree march down Garvaghy Road. Dromara Street, Belfast.

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Mo Mowlam became (Labour) Secretary for Northern Ireland in May 1997, and made a contentious decision to allow the march down Garvaghy Road, though the decision was not revealed until several weeks later, before the proposed date (Independent). The image above shows a mural in the style of a ‘wanted’ poster for Mowlam – “Have you seen this person? Wanted! For fraud and deception, for GBH on Garvaghy Road.”

Ormeau Road, Belfast.


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