Free The Derry Four

This “Derry Four” is Gary Donnelly, Michael Gallagher, Martin O’Neill and Paddy McDaid, arrested on charges of RIRA membership (Irish Times). (The original “Derry Four” were arrested for the 1979 murder of Steven Kirby of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers. (Update 2019-01.)) Sinn Féin were accused by Creggan residents over the removal of graffiti in support of the four (Derry Journal). The board underneath is ‘Free Seamus Doherty‘.


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SF Sell Outs

Three pieces of republican graffiti along the wall along Lecky Road leading to the overpass: “Real IRA”, “PSNI/RUC scum out now”, “BRY” [Bogside Republican Youth], “RSF” [Republican Sinn Féin], “Up the RSF”, “SF sell outs”.

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Where ’81 Never Happened

“HMP Maghaberry = Stormonts’ best kept secret. “Where ’81 never happened” – 32CSM” and a list of “Six County POWs”. First appearance of both 32CSM (32-county Sovereignty Movement) and IRPWA (Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association). Whiterock Road, Belfast

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