Ballymurphy Massacre

“Ballymurphy Massacre August 1971 – We demand the truth.” 11 Catholic civilians from Ballymurphy were shot and killed by British Army paratroopers on August 9th-11th, during the initial wave of internment. Father Hugh Mullan is shown among the flats waving a baby’s babygro/onesie as he goes to the aid of a wounded man (Bobby Clarke); having turned to go after giving him the last rites, he would be shot be a Paratrooper (depicted in the bottom right corner with distinctive beret). Whiterock Road, Belfast. Painted by Risteard Ó Murchú.

Fr Hugh Mullan, Paddy McCarthy, Frank Quinn, Joseph Murphy, Noel Philips, John Lavrty, Joan Connolly, Joe Corr, Daniel Teggart, John McKerr, Eddie Doherty


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They Haven’t Gone Away You Know

Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams said of the IRA in 1995 “They haven’t gone away, you know” (youtube). The phrase is here used against him, with the British Army in place of the IRA: “Those who administer British rule are traitors – they haven’t gone away you know – Afghanistan, Iraq, Ireland.” 32CSM (32 County Sovereignty Movement) board at the top of Westland Row, Derry.

M05176 [M05175]

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No Story Of Glory

The New Lodge’s Terry McCafferty (RIRA) was given 12 years for possession of explosives in 2005. He was released briefly on license in late 2008 before being returned to Maghaberry – the reason for the revocation was not disclosed (until December 2009) leading to claims of internment. He would be released in April 2010 (RN). The board in the middle “Britain’s dirty wars – no story of glory” is otherwise unknown.

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“I ndil chumhne – In proud and loving memory of Volunteers Dan McCann, Mairead Farrell, Sean Savage, Oglaigh na hEireann who were executed by British Crown forces in Gibraltar 6th March, 1988.” The three were killed in Gibraltar by the SAS in what was known as “Operation Flavius”. The European Court Of Human Rights found that the use of force was unlawful. (WP)

“Oh! Cold March winds that pierce the dark/You cry in aged tones/For souls of folk you’ve brought to God/But still you bear the moans./Oh! Weeping wind this lonely night/My mother’s heart is sore,/Oh! Lord of all breathe freedom’s breath/That she may weep no more. – Bobby Sands”. Hawthorn Street, Belfast.

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Patrick Sheils

A plaque “dedicated to the memory of Patrick Shiels Óglaigh na hÉireann 1878-1957. Erected by the republican movement 11th April 2007 to mark his 50th anniversary. I measc laochra na nGael go raibh sé” is added to the Operation Motorman mural in Rossville Street, Derry. Paddy Shiels took part in the Easter Rising and was later Derry OC. See BMH testimony #676 by Liam Brady.

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Eamonn McDevitt

“This marks the spot where Eamonn McDevitt, deaf mute aged 28 years, was murdered by Royal Marine Commandos 18th August 1971. May he rest in peace.” McDevitt was killed in Fountain Street, Strabane, after an anti-internment march. The Army claimed he was waving a gun; his family deny this and have been lobbying for an inquiry and apology since then (Derry Journal | BBC-NI).


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