Loyalist Seapatrick

The Ulster Banner and Union Flag serve as bookends for two additional boards: “Still loud, still proud – No surrender” (presumably Seapatrick Flute Band) and the insignia of the 36th (Ulster) Division.

Seapatrick Road, Seapatrick (near Banbridge), Co Down

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Loyal Neilsbrook

Six panels on the Neilsbrook Loyalist arch: Randalstown Sons Of Ulster flute band, Siege Of Derry, Drumcree “United we stand”, 36th (Ulster) Division, William Of Orange, Sir Edward Carson. For more images from the estate see Loyalist Randalstown.

“This plaque was presented by the officers and members of Randalstown Sons Of Ulster flute band on Saturday 17th April 1999 in memory of all the Loyalist people of Ulster who have suffered at the hands of the enemies of our land.”

Blackthorn Way (at Brackenburn), Neilsbrook Park, Neilsbrook Road, Randalstown

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