Twinbrook Final Salute

Three generations of republicans, from the Troubles, the Rising, and the Rebellion, salute “F[rankie] Ryan, B[obby] Sands, J[ohn] Rooney, G[erard] Fennell, B[artholomew] Teeling”. The first four are modern IRA volunteers; the last is a United Irishman from Lisburn (Rebel Breeze has a full account of his deeds).

For an unspoiled view, see J0194.

Juniper Way, Twinbrook.


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South Armagh Roll Of Honour

These three images are from the electricity pole at the edge of the graveyard on Newry Road, Crossmaglen. First is a south Armagh IRA roll of honour, listing 20 volunteers’ names: McVerry, Boyle, Jordan, Campbell, Lochrie, McKiernan, Cleary, Harvey, McElvenna, Caherty, McCreesh, Moley, Caraher (Fergal and Francie), Duffy, Martin, Daly, Watters, Toner, and Rogers.

Second, on the back of the poles, “Caution – radiation area” refers to anomalies in animal births, allegedly due to radiation from British Army towers (An PhoblachtDaily Ireland). There’s also a flyer protesting “political policing – democracy under attack”.

Finally, a Calor gas is modified with republican graffiti: “Built by robots, flown by dummies, taken out by 2nd Batt. barrack-busters.” The incident celebrated is a 1994 IRA mortar attack on a British Army helicopter at the Crossmaglen barracks (CAIN | WP page on the incident). The mortar used a Calor Gas tube, though not the one shown here (WP page on the mortar).

M03166 M03167 [M03168] M03169

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Twinbrook & Poleglass IRA


“This monument has been re-dedicated by the people of Twinbrook and Poleglass in honour of those volunteers of Óglaigh Na hÉireann who gave their lives for Irish freedom.” Gerard Fennell, John Rooney, Bobby Sands, Frankie Ryan. “Fuair siad bás ar son saoirse na hÉireann”. “[Like the lark,] I too have fought for my freedom not only in captivity [where I now languish] but also [while on the] outside where my country is held captive … I have the spirit of freedom that cannot be quenched.” (Bobby Sands, The Lark And The Freedom Fighter, 1979)

The final image is of the adjacent hunger strikers stone. It will later be moved and repositioned inside the (extended) fencing.

[M03003] [M03004] M03006 M03005 M03007 M03002 M03008 [M03009]

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Dedicated To All The Unsung Heroes

The scale of the Ballymurphy memorial garden can be seen in the final image. The central panels (images 1 and 2) are to IRA volunteers. Jimmy Steele was OC of the IRA’s Belfast battalion and founding editor of Republican News. “The seed which on Cave Hill was sown/O’er Belfast town its fruit has grown/And they who served, suffered and died/Their blood, our cause has sanctified//Be proud of them our martyred dead/And in their footsteps let us tread/They died for us that we might see/Ireland, united, Gaelic, and free.” To the left and right are lists of civilian dead and on the far right is a brief list of activists who survived the Troubles but have died since.

For the mural, see this 2005 image.

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Neamhcromtha, Neamhbhriste

“Unbowed, unbroken.” This is a version of the earlier Éire/Ireland mural (depicted as a female in the centre of the mural) seen in 2005.  Portraits of 18 local republicans are included, beginning with Charlie Monahan and Murtagh McAstocker. This mural is similar to the earlier one on the shop gable (which had 16 portraits).

The plaque to the left reads “Dedicated to the memory of the volunteers of B company 3rd battalion Belfast brigade Óglaigh na hÉireann who died fighting for an Irish socialist republic. Fuair siad bás ar son saoirse na hÉireann.”

Mountpottinger Road, Belfast

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