Disband RUC Now

The three-in-one figure from the RUC, Orange Order, and loyalist paramilitary. Previously seen in 2001. Rossnareen Avenue, Belfast.


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Garvaghy Road Arch

The Garvaghy Road, Portadown, arch has a pair of gates and a cannon and sailing ship: symbols of the Siege Of Derry, as well as the cross, ladder, and crown & Bible of the Orange Order. IN the centre is an Ulster Banner (with a Union Flag on the reverse).

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On The Shankill

This sequence of ‘Shankill life’ murals is led off by Baroness May Blood, a Labour peer and MBE for her work with the TGWU and integrated education. The other panels show children’s art and celebrate the sense of community, those who served and died in WWI, 11th night, the Orange Order, and the women’s group. Cupar Way, Belfast.

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McCalmont Memorial Orange Hall

King Billy’s sword is tipped in blood, and he rides below a shamrock, rose, and thistle, uniting the kingdoms. Ballyclare Orange Hall is named after Hugh McCalmont, a major-general in the British Army Ulster Unionist MP for North Antrim in 1895. His Whiteabbey house was burned down by suffragettes in 1914 because it was used as a training ground by the UVF of the anti-franchise Carson. Rashee Road, Ballyclare.


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Steeple Arch

The Orange arch in the Steeple/Parkhall estate on Parkhall Road, Antrim. From left to right: Pierced heart, cross and crown, compass and set square, “RBP” [Royal Black Preceptory]; “330 Orangemeen murdered by Sinn Fein IRA” with poppies; King Billy below a crown; “Masserene barracks, Antrim” with poppies; Orange flag, 3-step ladder, crossed keys, “GOLOI” [Grand Orange Lodge Of Ireland]

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Pony Club Arch

This is the Orange arch next to the Pony Club in the Hammer (lower Shankill). The five boards, from left to right, show “Shankill Road Campsie Club”, the crown and bible with orange lilies, King Billy in 1690, the crown and cross of the “Royal Black Preceptory”, and the orange star between St Andrew’s Saltire and the Union Flag (see Ulster Scotland for a larger version). Ariel Street, Belfast.

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