The Loyal Orange Institution

The flag of the Orange Order includes the Cross Of St George’s and the purple star of William III, Prince Of Orange. On the lower part of the wall are a variety of the organisation’s symbols.

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Whiterock Festival

Kids from Highfield enjoy (left) a water fight, fancy dress party, (middle) DJ, band, bouncy castle and (right) marching under the banner of ‘Whiterock LOL 87’ to the beat of a Whiterock Flute Band (Fb) drum.

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Female Guardians

This pair of images — “Deserted! Well – I can stand alone” from the anti-Home Rule campaign that continued during WWI and the other a more contemporary scene of “a protestant farmer’s wife guard[ing] her husband against sectarian attack from across the border” — was previously painted in (what remains of) Moscow Street, next to the Rex bar on the Shankill. (See X00066. See also M00558 lower Shankill | M00621 east Belfast | M02302 east Belfast). The plaque on the right was not originally part of the mural (see J2395) and the mural would later be modified by the removal of the Orange Order and St Andrew’s flags (but not the UVF emblem), replaced by a shamrock-strewn banner reading “Fight To A Finish” (M08026).

M03578 Drumtara, Ballymena

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Dan Winter’s Cottage

“Dan Winter’s ancestral home – the focal point of the Battle Of The Diamond on 21st September 1795, which led to the formation of the Orange Order in Sloan’s house, Loughgall.”

Dan Winter’s cottage at “the Diamond” (the crossroad of Grange Road and Derryloughan Road) was occupied by (Catholic) Defenders as they marched towards the (Protestant) Peep-O-Day Boys on a nearby hill. 30 out of 300 Defenders would be killed while the Peep-O-Day Boys went unscathed. After the battle, the Protestant combatants met in Loughgall and formed the Orange Society. 10,000 Catholics would subsequently migrate from Armagh.

This is one of two buildings on Derryloughan Road with “Dan Winter’s Cottage” plaques.

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Armagh Orange Arch

King Billy takes centre stage in the Orange arch in Armagh, flanked a variety of Orange symbols such as crossed keys, compass and set square, cross and crown, an anchor, and a coffin. “FCH” (reading from the bottom up, as the ladder would be ascended) stands for “Faith, hope, charity” – I Corinthians 13:13 is read during initiation.

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God Save Our Queen

This is a two-sided piece of road-work on Main Road, in Glynn, that can be approached from either direction. Heading north (towards Larne) you see “God save our queen” and going south (towards Magheramorne and Whitehead) “No surrender 1690” with Orange Order symbols crown, key, and ladder, and a list of Williamite battles: Derry, Enniskillen, Boyne, Aughrim.

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