RUC Must Go Anois!

“RUC Must Go Anois [now]!” A vintage stencil (see another from 2001) in Owenvarragh Park/Páirc Abhainn Bhearach, Belfast.

M02737 [M02738]

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Come Home 2 A Real Fire

A vintage republican graffito (e.g. Getty Images) against the RUC is resurrected for use in loyalist Woodvale. Both refer to the “Real Fire” ad campaign from the 80s (e.g. one | two). The Solid Fuel Advisory Service still (2018) uses the image of the dog, cat, and mouse side-by-side. Disraeli Street, Belfast.


Copyright © 2006 Peter Moloney


The emblem of the new Police Service of Northern Ireland, is mounted outside the station in Strand Road, Londonderry. In the middle is a St Patrick’s Saltire, around the six-pointed star (clockwise from the top) are a scales of justice, a harp, a torch (for enlightenment), an olive branch, a shamorck, and a crown.


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