Proactively Supporting Nationalist Ideology

Londonderry loyalists agree with “dissident” republicans (see e.g. Who’s Next?) that the PSNI and Sinn Féin are now aligned. The Fountain, Londonderry.


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Who’s Next?

“Scap. Donaldson. Who’s next???” In May 2003, the IRA’s head of Internal Security, Freddie Scappaticci, was named in the press as an British informer. His denials were accepted by the IRA and he remained in the North. For Denis Donaldson, see Dead Man Walking. These graffiti are at the top of Stanleys Walk, Derry.

M03447 M03446 M03445 [M03444]

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Lecky Road Underpass

This is the scene at the Lecky Road underpass (going up to Barrack Street) in February 2007: above,”SF/RUC scum”, “Kill all cops”, “Vote Peggy O’Hara“, “Israel scum”, with tricoloured supports and light-pole; below, a series of paste-ups to victims of Bloody Sunday (on its 35th anniversary) and others nominated as part of Bluebell Arts’s “Unsung Heroes” project – Willie McKinney (killed on Bloody Sunday), Kevin McElhinney (killed on Bloody Sunday), “Palestinian youth from Balata refugee camp. Despite being denied a homeland, they dare to dream. Nominated by Bluebell Arts”. Here is a gallery of images from the anniversary march (indymedia) with plenty of anti-SF messages on display.

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These hand-drawn BRY/RIRA murals are a montage of many traditional republican symbols, such as Celtic FC, the Easter lily, Bobby Sands, an assault rifle, the Tricolour and a crude island of Ireland. Plus support for Basque separatists ETA. “CRF” = “Catholic Reaction Force”? Dove Gardens, Derry.

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