No Plastic Bullets

10 year anniversary image (1994 – 2004) of No Plastic Bullets on the Whiterock Road, Belfast.


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The emblem of the new Police Service of Northern Ireland, is mounted outside the station in Strand Road, Londonderry. In the middle is a St Patrick’s Saltire, around the six-pointed star (clockwise from the top) are a scales of justice, a harp, a torch (for enlightenment), an olive branch, a shamorck, and a crown.


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End Siege Of Short Strand

Short Strand is a Catholic enclave of about 1,000 people in Protestant east Belfast. Throughout 2001 and 2002, the interface saw gun battles and rioting between the two factions. Here is a Guardian account of events in 2002. Above is a rejection of the new PSNI “There are many reasons for not joining the PSNI – this is just one” with a series of wanted posters (seen Collusion! Collusion! and Collusion Is State Murder plus one of Patrick Mayhew). Both parts by Ógra Shinn Féin. Divis Street, Belfast.

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PSNI – Patten Still Not Implemented

The commission into policing led by Conservative MP Chris Patten produced its report in September 1999 and various of its recommendations were enacted into law. (The full report or the summary of recommendations are available at CAIN.) The board above alleges that the only  change was the name – the name originally suggested was “Northern Ireland Police Service”, but “PSNI” was thought a better initialism – while both forces continue to use plastic bullets. The officer on the right has six digits on his right hand. Divis Street, Belfast.


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Stephen Lawrence – Robert Hamill

Londoner Stephen Lawrence was murdered by stabbing in 1993 and, although arrests were made, no charges were brought. A 1998 public inquiry found that the Metropolitan Police Service was “institutionally racist”. In 2012, two of the original suspects were found guilty of the murder (WP). Catholic Robert Hamill was beaten to death by loyalists in Portadown in 1997 while police in an RUC land-rover looked on (WP).

Brompton Park, Belfast. The same board (in slightly different colours) appeared in Artana Street, south Belfast.


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