The Winning Way

Sinn Féin board off Bridge Street, Strabane, heading west.


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Always British

Cluan Place is a single street in east Belfast separated from (nationalist) Short Strand by a “peace” line. The mural features an unusual combination of Union Flag and Ulster Banner. For a history of Cluan Place, see Out Of The Ashes. “5 people shot – houses burnt – houses bombed. 20 families intimidated out by Sinn Fein/IRA. Still loyalist. No surrender.”

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Direct Rule

“Direct rule! Can you afford it? Rates increases; lost investment; water charges; education cuts; job losses; health cuts; economic collapse; racism; sectarianism; unfair planning laws; more rural decline. Speak up! There is an alternative. Restore the institutions; implement the Good Friday Agreement. All your futures. Find your voice.” Sinn Féin board above the Falls Road office.


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