UDA emblem on boards in Rowan Drive in Seymour Hill.


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Seymour Hill C Batt UFF

This is dedicated to our fallen comrades. Wesley Nicholl (OC), murdered by the IRA, 19-6-76, Brian Morton ‘Morty’, freedom fighter killed in action 7-7-97. Seymour Hill C Batt. They gave their lives so we may live in freedom.”

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Ulster Freedom Fighters

The orange lily makes a rare appearance in a paramilitary mural. The hooded gunmen are from the UFF/UDA. Volunteer Stephen “Benson” Kingsberry is remembered in the panel towards the back of the house. He died from consuming tainted ecstasy (perhaps distributed by the UVF). He was included in the roll of honour in Lemberg Street. Kilburn Street, Belfast. Seen previously in 2005.

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In Loving Memory UDA/UFF

“In loving memory South Belfast Brigadier John McMichael, South Belfast UFF commander Joe Bratty.” Listed on the tombstones are Steven Audley 17 Mar 91, Harry Black 30 Sep 92, Jim Kenna 25 Jul 72, Frankie Smith 31 Jan 73, William Kingsberry 13 Nov 91, Stephen Kingsberry 10 Mar 97, Ernie Dowds 10 Oct 95, Sammy Hunt 5 Sep 76, Raymie Elder 31 Jul 94, William Hamilton 9 Sep 94, Tommy Morgan 29 Aug 94.

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