You Are Now Entering Loyalist Sandy Row

This is the UFF mural at the bottom of Sandy Row just a few months before it was whitewashed and replaced with a King Billy mural.

“Heartland of South Belfast Ulster Freedom Fighters” “Quis separabit”

Linfield Road, Belfast

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Lincoln Court Defense Association

… or “LCDA” for short. There’s no information about the group on-line, so it’s not clear if it is/was a predecessor to the UDA (as e.g. with the WDA) or the local battalion of the UDA. Feedback is welcomed.

On the columns are the names of volunteers Cecil McKnight, Lindsay Mooney, Ray Smallwoods, Gary Lynch, Ben Redfern, and William Campbell.

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From Conflict To Peace

“It is our firm conviction that the vast majority of both religious communities long for peace, reconciliation and the chance to create a better future for their children.” UFF volunteers in the previous mural on this wall turn their back on violence and look towards Stormont for a political solution. The side wall is dedicated to the UDA’s Stephen “Benson” Kingsberry, who died from consuming tainted ecstasy (perhaps distributed by the UVF) – an early use of the poppy to commemorate a UDA (rather than a UVF) member.

Kilburn Street, Belfast

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The Hell They Called Highwood

It took Allied forces two months (July – September, 1916) to take High Wood (Bois de Fourcaux – wood of the pitchforks, as made from the chestnut trees (Great War Forum)) as part of the battle of the Somme. The commemorative mural shown here replaces an earlier UFF piece for the Coleraine 2nd battalion of the Londonderry-North Antrim brigade. On the third side is the emblem of the UDA, surrounded with an Ulster Banner and the flag of the independent Northern Ireland – previously there had been two Ulster banners.

Loughanhill Park, Coleraine

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Sans Peur

It’s not clear how long this mural has been in place (possibly 1994 or earlier), but this is a design (four wings of the UDA in the quadrants of an Ulster Banner shield) with a long heritage – see 1988 in the Fountain, Londonderry, 1990 in the Waterside, Londonderry, 1988 variation in Belfast.

For a view of the “Ulster 1690” behind the wall, see Extramural Activity.

Cuba Walk, Belfast


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