Freedom Corner

Here is a set of 2009 images of the left half of “Freedom Corner” on Newtownards Road.

Compared to the 2005 images:
the background of the UFF mural has been repainted;
“Loyalist East Belfast” replaces the letters “UFF”;
the Red Hand Of Ulster replaces “Feriens Tego” (From Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, 1953: “The strangest victory in all history: Heremon [Érimón] O’Neill racing a rival chieftain for possession of Ireland became the first man to touch its soil by cutting off his own hand and hurling it ashore! His sacrifice made Heremon the first king of Ulster, 1015 B.C. The red hand of Ulster is still the provinces coat of arms thousands of years later.” Most people believe it not.) Notice that outline is of the six-county Northern Ireland rather than of the historical Ulster;
and the “Ulsters Past Defenders” mural has been completely repainted with the emblems of the UDR and B-Specials at the centre (“This is dedicated to those who served in our conflict – we forget not”, “Formed in 1970, the Ulster Defence Reg. was an infrantry [sic] regiment of the British army intended to carry out security duties in NI. It was later disbanded in 1992. A total of 197 members were killed through the troubles”, “Formed in 1920, the Ulster Special Constabulary had been set up taking action against the IRA. It was divided into three categories A, B, and C specials. Later in 1970 they were disbanded. Then the UDR replaced them.”)

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M04867 wide shot

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Regimental Emblems

Emblems of the Royal Irish Regiment, Ulster Defence Regiment, Royal Irish Rangers, and the Royal Irish Fusiliers, on the side of the (empty) pub at the junction of Malvern Street and Shankill Road.

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Freedom Corner

This is a complete set of images of the UDA’s “Freedom Corner” along Newtownards Road, Belfast. The use of Cuchulainn as a loyalist icon (the mural is in its second incarnation – for the first, see Defender Of Ulster From Irish Attacks) rests on the theory that the people of mythical Ulster are different from those in the rest of Ireland and are related to ancient Scots: Dalaradia was “was a kingdom of the Cruthin in the north-east of Ireland and parts of Scotland in the first millennium.” The “Ulster Nation” flag/shield (which also appears in the final image) is a St Patrick’s cross on a blue background with six-pointed star and red hand, the flag of the Ulster (Northern Ireland) independence movement.

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Their Loyalty Betrayed

“Since this phase of the troubles began there has been a continued drop of concessions to placate the Pan Nationalist Front, which consists of the Irish government, PIRA and the SDLP. Some of these concessions have been to disband parts of the security infrastructure e.g. the Ulster Special Constabulary (USC) and the Ulster Defence Regiment (UDR). Both organisations for a variety of reasons including republican intimidation included a high proportion of the Unionist population. Both stood up to the onslaught from PIRA and were successful in preventing death and destruction as well as guarding our border against sectarian republican incursions. In their line of duty many members of both the USC and the UDR paid the ultimate sacrifice while many others suffered horrendous injuries. Many of these attacks where carried out as the men and women were carrying out their civilian jobs (as many members were part time). Despite their success against the IRA and the death of so many of their members the British government disbanded both of these fine organisations, causing untold hurt to our community and leaving a sense of betrayal behind.” With the emblems of the Crimson Star and Rising Sons flute bands.

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