REM 1690

These three are all from Carlow Street. In the first image, the “UFF” lettering has been over-painted with “UVF”. This is a vintage “bare background” (the wall is not completely painted) mural, dating back perhaps to 1994.

M03792 M03793 M03791

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Remember Them Who Gave Their All

“It is not for glory or riches that we fight but for our people” (based on the Declaration Of Arbroath; see e.g. UDA 3rd Battalion) and “At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them.” are familiar but “As poppy petals gently fall/Remember them who gave their all” here makes a very infrequent appearance. It comes from The UDR Soldier, by John Potter. The mural and stone thus link together the 36th (Ulster) Division of WWI, the UDR (1970-1992), and ‘D’ Company of the North Down Red Hand Commando.

M03702 [M03703] M03704

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Conflict Or Compromise

Barbed wire divides the quadrants, with poppies providing an upper border and Ulster Banner and Union Flag below. In the top left is the A company mural from across the street. The bottom right reproduced (or at least is based on) an 1990s mural of the same name in Dover Place (lower Shankill) in Belfast. The other quadrants and centre contain images relating to the 36th (Ulster) Division and WWI. The two other images are from the low wall to the front right.

M03698 M03699 M03700

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