Champions Of Ulster

This 2009 memorial garden in Owenroe Drive, Bangor caused controversy when built using Housing Executive funds as it was intended to commemorate only the dead of WWI. In addition, it contains headstones to members of the UDA (on which Cuchulainn is invoked as a “defender of Ulster”), RHC, and UVF (BelTel).

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Joint Manoeuvres

Wide shot of two Castlemara murals – one UDA, one UVF – previously seen in 2008. The fourth flag in the UFF mural is the flag of Ulster Nationalism (WP). Similarly, on the lamp-post fly both the UDA emblem and a flag commemorating the Ulster Volunteers in the 36th Division.

The Union Flag board is on North Road.

Castlemara Drive, Carrickfergus

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Loyalist Monarch

Graffiti on the electrical boxes near the Broadway roundabout, marking the western edge of the (PUL) Village: “Loyalist Monarch [Street]”, “FTIBA“, “KAT” [Kill all Taigs [Catholics]], “ATAT” [All Taigs are targets], “The young, the brave, the fearless – YCV”, “Village UVF”.

In the background is the 2010 Monarch bonfire.

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