Ulster’s Finest

Here are 2003 images, including close-ups, of the YCV-UVF-RHC board in Dennet Gardens, Londonderry, previously seen in 1998.

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The flag of the UVF includes the St George’s Cross in the top left, with the red hand of Ulster in the bottom right (replaced here by the letters “UVF”), on a field of purple. Parkhall Road, Antrim


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Denver Smith

“In memory of a dear friend.” UVF volunteer Denver Smith was killed in the early morning of January 1st, 2000 by a gang of six men with machetes and pikes; the incident was perhaps drugs-related (Gaurdian | BBC-NI. For the wider picture An Phoblacht | Irish Times). Parkhall Road, Antrim with kerbstones in the colours of the UVF.

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Broken Covenant

The second panel of the four shown here in Donegall Pass, Belfast, is the most interesting. The upper circle is labelled “Ulster 2001” and shows a modern volunteer between the UVF and YCV symbols. In the lower circle, which is labelled “Ulster 1916”, is a portrait of Carson and the text of the 1912 Ulster Covenant and a headstone which is broken and bloodied. The other panels contain the UVF emblem, the YCV emblem, and the emblem of the 26 (Ulster) Division.


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