Carrickfergus UYM

Armed and hooded UFA volunteers in jeans protect Carrickfergus castle, beneath the shields of the four nations of the UK. The UDA and UFF flags bear the names of the areas within South East Antrim. Vandalised (with “fuck you”) compared to 2008. The Birches, Carrickfergus.


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Glengormley UVF

UVF Hooded gunmen from the 1st East Antrim battalion. “In dungeon deep I know what fate awaits me/Tied hand and food the foe have bound me fast/And in my haste I pray that God above me/Will grant this wish I know will be my last.” (From Here Lies A Soldier) “In proud and loving memory Vol. Jim McKee.”

Queens Avenue, Glengormley.

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UFF 2nd Batt A Coy Glengormley

“They live with us in memory still/Not just today but always will.” “Dedicated to all our fallen comrades of South East Antrim Brigade.” “Vol A Helm, Co G Evens, Vol W Gordan, Vol J Woods, Vol T McDonald”. Queens Avenue, Glengormley.

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The Young, The Brave, The Fearless

2009 images of the YCV mural on Broadway in the Village, Belfast, seen previously in 2008. The plaque on the side wall reads: “In loving memory of Volunteer Colin Castle, died 17th February 2006. Lest we forget.” The additional wide shot includes the John Hanna mural and (barely visible) the small Gary Hamilton mural (see C05190).

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