Freedom 2000

The ‘Freedom 2000’ Long Kesh/H-Blocks mural in the lower Shankill is repainted in orange, with “UDA”, “UFF” and “LPOW” from the previous version painted out.


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Loyalist Killicomaine

Small boards in the Killicomaine estate in Portadown, on Princess Way and Granville Road. The red hand in barbed wire symbolises loyalist prisoners. (There was another Union Flag board in Gilford Road.)

M04135 M04131

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UFF 4th Battalion Castlereagh

From left to right, here are the murals and memorial garden in Kenbaan Street, Belfast, to the UFF/UDA/UYM, and LPA [Loyalist Prisoners Association]. The plaques include a few names of volunteers who died after the peace (as recently as 2002).

M03376 M03377 M03775 [M03774] [M03773] [M03772] [M03768] M03770 M03769 M03771

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Common Sense UDP

The Ulster Democratic Party (UDP) was the political wing of the UDA, and supported a policy of an independent Northern Ireland (as described in the policy document ‘Common Sense‘. It won a few council seats in the late 1980s and early 1990s and dissolved in 2001 (BBC-NI). The fourth panel (top right) is of the Ulster Workers’ Council strike that brought down the Sunningdale Agreement. Bellevue Street, Belfast.


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