Send Our Prisoners Home

Vintage UDA/UFF stencil on the shutters of A1 Alterations on the Newtownards Road.


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Clonduff Twelfth

Clonduff prepares for Eleventh Night with a bonfire off Clonduff Drive and bunting in Tullyard Way. There are also nine (at least) vintage “UVF Release The Prisoners’ stencils in the area.

M04903 M04905 M04904 [M04914]

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UFF 4th Battalion Castlereagh


From left to right, here are the murals and memorial garden in Kenbaan Street, Belfast, to the UFF/UDA/UYM, and LPA [Loyalist Prisoners Association]. The plaques include a few names of volunteers who died after the peace (as recently as 2002).

M03376 M03377 M03775 [M03774] [M03773] [M03772] [M03768] M03770 M03769 M03771

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M04856 (wide shot)

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Common Sense UDP

The Ulster Democratic Party (UDP) was the political wing of the UDA, and supported a policy of an independent Northern Ireland (as described in the policy document ‘Common Sense‘. It won a few council seats in the late 1980s and early 1990s and dissolved in 2001 (BBC-NI). The fourth panel (top right) is of the Ulster Workers’ Council strike that brought down the Sunningdale Agreement. Bellevue Street, Belfast.


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