71-09 No Change

“End internment now. Release Terry McCafferty. 71-09 No change.” Republican graffiti on the old walls of Derry City.

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Freedom Is A State Of Mind

Colin Duffy was arrested in connection with the Real IRA attack on Massareene barracks in which two British Army soldiers were killed. His original arrest was voided in March 2009 but he was quickly re-arrested.

“The Republican Network For Unity supports all political prisoners and calls for the end of internment by remand now!”, “End internment by remand and release Colin Duffy now.” and “Freedom is a state of mind”. Rossville Street, Derry.

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Free Terry McCafferty

Terry McCafferty had is license revoked in December 2018 for associating with “known dissidents”. Republicans considered this a form of internment and mounted a campaign for his release (32CSM); he was released in April 2010 (An Phoblacht). The RNU board reads “Internment: political suppression and state oppression 40 years on.”

William Street, Derry.

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No Story Of Glory

The New Lodge’s Terry McCafferty (RIRA) was given 12 years for possession of explosives in 2005. He was released briefly on license in late 2008 before being returned to Maghaberry – the reason for the revocation was not disclosed (until December 2009) leading to claims of internment. He would be released in April 2010 (RN). The board in the middle “Britain’s dirty wars – no story of glory” is otherwise unknown.

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