Our Actions Are Political Not Criminal

“Republican Sinn Féin demands political status for all republican POWs NOW”. Vintage imagery, of a blanket man and of a 1981 trio of IRA volunteers with weapons, used in an RSF board in Divis Street, Belfast.


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Two armed and masked volunteers hold aloft an RPG, claiming “victory”, even though “our day” is still coming (tiocfaidh ar la). This is a crude version of the 1982 PLO -IRA mural in Belfast, but the direct ancestor of this board is the similar one – Victory – on Eastway, Derry, from 2000.

Please get in touch if you know what “BCRF” stands for. “CRF” (by itself) stands for “Catholic Reaction Force”. So, perhaps “Bogside Catholic reaction Force”? Or Bogside-Creggan Reaction Force”?

Fahan Street, Derry

M01598 [C00813]

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We Will Meet Force With Force

1994 images of five (of six) adjacent panels in Ballycolman, Strabane. From left to right: We will meet force with force (1989 | 1990), Che Guevara – They may kill the revolutionary but never the revolution (1989 | 1990), Wear an Easter lily (1989 | 1990), James Connolly – Easter/Cáisc 1916 (1989), Óglaigh na hÉireann (1989), [out of shot: Stop Strip Searches (1989 | 1990)]. The set of six in 1990.

M01142 M01143 M01144

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Armed Resistance







Five in a row in Springhill Park, Strabane (with a badly damaged sixth out of shot to the left). Fianna and óglaigh in front of Sunburst and Tricolour flags; a kneeling volunteer with RPG launched “Armed resistance 1916-1987”; a lark ferrying a rifle; a raised fist; “unity is strength”.

M00877 M00942 M00943 M00944 M00941

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1916 Easter 1986


Here is the top half of a mural in Berwick Road/Paráid An Ardghleanna. The board at the top reproduces a 1972 postcard entitled Easter with two women – on the left a young woman (Ireland in flames, perhaps suggesting the Rising) and on the right, an old woman (Mother Ireland?) – watching over a prisoner by the light from a prison window. The bottom (with quotes from Connolly and Pearse) was seen in the 1989 image An Attitude Of Revolt.


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Loftus 1982 ill. 39.png

Image taken from Belinda Loftus’s 1982 dissertation Images In Conflict.

An Attitude Of Revolt


Tricoloured quotations from James Connolly and Patrick Pearse below the image of a kneeling volunteer with RPG launcher: “The great appear great because we are on our knees – let us rise” and “As long as Ireland is unfree, the only [honourable] attitude for Irishmen and [Irish]women is an attitude of revolt.” Berwick Road/Paráid An Ardghleanna, Belfast.


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