Love The Brotherhood

The Orange arch in Market Square, Dromore, features King William III on one side (“Honour all men, love the brotherhood, fear God, honour the king”) and Queen Elizabeth II on the other (“God save the queen”).

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Fear God, Honour The Queen

Images of the Somme and of ERII flank the traditional image of King William at the Boyne in the Orange arch on My Lady’s Road, Belfast. (The small tarps are sponsored by the East Belfast Historical And Cultural Society and the Lagan Village Cultural Society.) On top are the holy Bible and the crown, with the ladder and the star to either side.

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McCalmont Memorial Orange Hall

King Billy’s sword is tipped in blood, and he rides below a shamrock, rose, and thistle, uniting the kingdoms. Ballyclare Orange Hall is named after Hugh McCalmont, a major-general in the British Army Ulster Unionist MP for North Antrim in 1895. His Whiteabbey house was burned down by suffragettes in 1914 because it was used as a training ground by the UVF of the anti-franchise Carson. Rashee Road, Ballyclare.


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