Carol Ann Kelly

12-year-old Carol Ann Kelly was shot by the British Army on May 22nd, 1981, and died three days later. Eight other children are remembered in this mural: Tobias Molloy, Frances Rowntree, Seamus Duffy, Paul Whitters, Stephen McConomy, Brian Stewart, Stephan Geddis, and Julie Livingstone. Molloy and Rowntree were killed by rubber bullets, the rest by plastic bullets. The mural, by Andrea Redmond, is in Twinbrook Road, Belfast, near where Kelly was shot.


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Nora McCabe – The Truth

A candle for each of the seventeen people killed by plastic bullets, including, in the middle, Nora McCabe. From the info plaque: “Nora McCabe was shot dead by the RUC on the 8th July 1981 at 7:45 a.m. as she left her home in Linden Street off the Falls Road in Belfast for the corner shop to buy cigarettes. It was also the morning that Joe McDonnell died on hunger strike …” For the poster her bullet sits on, see Plastic Death.

Islandbawn Street, Belfast

M01445 M01446

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Ban Plastic Bullets

Repainted version of Ban Plastic Bullets. At 25 metres long, the mural presents to scale the distances at which the fourteen victims (seven adults, seven children) of plastic bullets were shot. CAIN has a list of the fourteen.

“We recommend the abolition of the use of plastic bullets – United Nations Committee Against Torture, 28 November, 1998”; “A new more lethal plastic bullet will be issued to the RUC on June 1st – It will be [??] deadly at a range of 30 metres – All plastic bullet fatalities have occurred at a range of less than 30 metres.”

Divis Street, Belfast

M01502 M01503 M01504 M01505 M01506

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Many Have Eyes/Who Next

M00284 Blucher St 1985+

M00285 Blucher St 1985+


These two murals — one about censorship (“Many have eyes but cannot see?”) and one about the death by platic bullet of Sean Downes (“Sean Downes RIP — Who Next” see this NYTimes article for a description) — are adjacent to one another in Blucher Street, Derry. “Many Have Eyes” is based on a poster from the May 1968 Paris Uprising, “Information Libre” (below).

M00284 M00285 M00283

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