Implement The Aug 2010 Agreement

“H-Block 1981, Maghaberry 2012”, “End forced strip searches”, “End controlled movement”, “Stop the torture of Irish political prisoners.”

The “August 2010 Agreement” is an agreement reached between prisoners and authorities about treatment in Roe House, an exclusively republican wing in Maghaberry. The tower beyond is the Springfield Rd. police station. 

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Republican Silverbridge

Four images from around Silverbridge, Co Armagh. First, a vintage “RUC Out” on a traffic sign; second, “No absentee landlord repossessor’s or their agents wanted in south Armagh” (for some background, see No Grabbers Here); third, an anti-Agreement stencil protesting the treatment of republicans in Maghaberry; fourth, “IRA” nail-up on a power-line pole near lower Cashel Lough.

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Damn Your Concessions, England

“Níl aon rud acu ina n-armlann impiriul [impiriúil] a bhrisfidh meon an Éireannaigh [Éireannach] nar mhain [mhian] leis a bheith briste – They have nothing in their whole imperial arsenal that can break the spirit [of an Irishman who does want to be broken]” “Damn your concessions, England – it’s our freedom we want.” [– Seán Mac Diarmada]

“Maghaberry concentration camp – End forced strip searches – End controlled movement.”

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Release Marian Price

“End internment by remand and release Marian Price now.” In May 2011, Marian Price’s bail was overturned and she was returned to prison by Secretary of State Owen Paterson, and has remained there since. She was moved from Hydebank in England to a Belfast prison hospital in June (BBC | Belfast Daily).

This (Rossville St) board has been repurposed – it previously read “release Colin Duffy“.

Rossville Street, Eastway, Racecourse Road, Derry

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Political Status For Republican Prisoners

“Honour our patriot dead – wear an Easter lily”. “Political status for republican prisoners – www.éirígí.org“. These are two small boards below the advertising hoarding at the junction of Northumberland Street and the Falls Road, Belfast. The web address only works with the fadas removed.

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Political Hostage

Owen Paterson (with one “t”) is the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland who revoked Price’s licence last year after she appeared at an Easter rally but those charges have just been dismissed (BBC). This Marian Price (WP) mural on the Whiterock Road was launched on May 13 to protest her continued incarceration. The stencil is in Beechmount Street.

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