38 Days

“End political internment – 38 days.” “38 days” is added to the graffiti previously in support Terry McCafferty. The prisoner in question is Martin Corey, member of Republican Sinn Féin and allegedly involved with the CIRA. The graffiti (and RSF stencil) is at the top of the New Lodge Road, Belfast.

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Prisoners’ Human Rights

IRSP supports political prisoners human rights in Maghaberry.” The red stars in the panel on the right are held over from the previous ‘George Dubya Bush – war criminal‘ mural. The panel to the left, and the ‘plough in the stars over Long Kesh’ are new (late 2009). Northumberland Street, Belfast.

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Not Spain, Not France

“1650-2009: 350 years of occupation, 350 years of resistance. Catalan language has been spoken since VIII century. Nowadays, after 350 years of occupation and prohibition, there are 9 million Catalan speakers. The spirit of revolt against the Spanish kingdom and French state is still alive. The struggle of the Catalan people continues against the existing discriminations. Not Spain, not France.” “Saoirse na hÉireann, Llibrtat Països Catalans”. In Clowney Street next to the ‘1969 Phoenix’ mural which dates back to 1981.

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Freedom Is A State Of Mind

Colin Duffy was arrested in connection with the Real IRA attack on Massareene barracks in which two British Army soldiers were killed. His original arrest was voided in March 2009 but he was quickly re-arrested.

“The Republican Network For Unity supports all political prisoners and calls for the end of internment by remand now!”, “End internment by remand and release Colin Duffy now.” and “Freedom is a state of mind”. Rossville Street, Derry.

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