Fountain Dead

These four plaques are behind the Cathedral Youth Club in the Fountain, Londonderry in a small memorial garden. William King died of a heart attack during ‘Free Derry’ clashes; there is a flute band in his name. Logan, Montgomery, and Stott were RUC and UDR members killed by the IRA.


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Charles Love

The memorial plaque to Charles (Charlie) Love was originally mounted in 1991 and preserved when the flats at the junction of Fahan Street and Rossville Street, Derry, were re-done. (The Runner would later be painted around it by the Bogside Artists.)  “In memory of Charles Love, accidentally killed on 28th January 1990. Unveiled by his father Patrick. Erected by the Bloody Sunday Initiative 27th January 1991. Padre Pio pray for him.” Love was 17 years old when he was hit by flying masonry from an IRA bomb while attending a Bloody Sunday memorial. Fahan Street/Rossville Street, Derry.


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O’Doherty’s Keep

Here are two memorials from O’Doherty’s Keep in Buncrana, Co Donegal, originally a 14th century Norman Castle. Cahir Rua O’Dogherty/O’Dochartaigh/O’Doherty was a Gaelic lord loyal to the Queen of England (in opposition to the O’Donnells), but launched a rebellion, perhaps to settle a score with Sir George Paulet, governor of Derry, who was harassing the remaining Gaelic lords. O’Doherty was killed in the battle of Kilmacrennan in 1608 (WPWP).

The other is to leader of the United Irishmen, Wolfe Tone, who was arrested in Lough Swilly in 1798 and held in Buncrana Castle before being moved to Derry and then Dublin, where he was executed.

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Rooney – McCabe

The Troubles started in Belfast in August 1969 with sustained rioting around Divis flats. On the night of August 14-15, nine year-old Patrick Rooney was hit in his home in the Divis flats by a bullet from an RUC machine-gun; he was the first child killed in the Troubles. A little later, 20 year-old Hugh McCabe, a (Catholic) British soldier on leave, was hit while dragging an injured person to safety on the roof of another flat (WP).

Divis Street, Belfast


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Denver Smith

“In memory of a dear friend.” UVF volunteer Denver Smith was killed in the early morning of January 1st, 2000 by a gang of six men with machetes and pikes; the incident was perhaps drugs-related (Gaurdian | BBC-NI. For the wider picture An Phoblacht | Irish Times). Parkhall Road, Antrim with kerbstones in the colours of the UVF.

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Manus Deery

“He shone on Earth, now he shines in heaven.” Manus Deery, age 15, was shot by a British Army sniper positioned on the city walls on May 19th, 1972. The plaques are at the site of the killing, just behind the Bogside Inn, Westland Street, Derry. The image below is of the first plaque, in 2004.

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