McLarnon – McCabe – Doherty

“Dedicated to the memory of INLA volunteer Matt McLarnon, Nora McCabe and Peter Doherty who were murdered in this area by British state forces during the 1981 H-Block hunger strike. A Mhuire banríon na nGael guí ar a son”. The area in question is Clonard/Falls. Doherty and McCabe were hit by plastic bullets; McLarnon was shot by a sniper on Divis tower. Linden Street, Belfast.


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Murder In Mind

A small tribute to the Bloody Sunday dead on the 30th anniversary of the event: portraits of fifteen victims with two verses of a song “Murder In Mind”: “They came to our town, the Paras, with murder in mind//As people marched down from Creggan/Towards the Guildhall for civil rights/It was a cold but sunny day/No one could image what was in front of them that sunny day.//The Paras stood in William Street/Laughing and chatting and raring to go/To murder for king and crown/And for Ted Heath 10 Downing Street”.

For the memorial pillar itself, see these images from 1974, its inaugural year.

Rossville Street, Derry


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Same Story, Same Bigotry

Londoner Stephen Lawrence was murdered by stabbing in 1993 and, although arrests were made, no charges were brought. A 1998 public inquiry found that the Metropolitan Police Service was “institutionally racist”. In 2012, two of the original suspects were found guilty of the murder (WP). Catholic Robert Hamill was beaten to death by loyalists in Portadown in 1997 while police in an RUC land-rover looked on (WP). The second image is of a fist smashing a swastika: “Stand firm – break the bigots [sic] back” on top of a Drumcree stand-off mural (which will become visible again in later years). Artana Street, Belfast

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