Young Newton

Young Newton branch of the Ulster Young Militants, 1st Battalion, East Belfast Brigade. “Simply the best.”

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Consolidate The Peace

“Release east Belfast’s loyalist prisoners”. This mural of Maze/Long Kesh watchtowers and barbed wire dates back to at least 1997, during the peace process. Harvey Court, Belfast.


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Some Gave All, All Gave Some

“Free our prisoners.” “LPA” is the “Loyalist Prisoners Association”. Its symbol (in the second image) is a red hand in barbed wire. In the main mural, a pair of red hands are in shackles and the fences of the Maze are superimposed on an outline of Northern Ireland filled in with the walls of the Maze/Long Kesh. Lord Street, Belfast

M02291 M02292

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Free Our Prisoners

“In memory of our freedom fighters who fought and died for Ulster. It was not for glory they fought nor honour or riches but freedom alone which no good man should lose but with his life.” A three-panel UFF mural in Linfield Road. A scroll with four emblems (UDA, UYM, UFF and Ulster banner); flags of the UDA and Scotland with manacled red fists and an outline of Northern Ireland superimposed with the Ulster banner, between emblems of the LPA and another prisoners’ organisation; a kneeling volunteer from A battalion, south Belfast’s Sandy Row.

M01329 M01331

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