Free The Castlerea Five!

The name of Michael O’Neill – one of the still-imprisoned Castlrea Five – is changed to “Michael Wings”. The reference is unknown; it is probably a local youth making his mark. Previously seen in 2003 Andersonstown Road, Belfast


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Stop The Extradition Of Sean Garland

Sean Garland, long-time OIRA member and president of the Workers’ Party, was arrested in Belfast in October 2005 in connection with a USA extradition request on charges of trafficking in counterfeit dollars. Grosvenor Road, Belfast.


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Tommy Crossan For Political Status

The word “candidate” has been blanked out from this Tommy Crossan board in Divis Street, Belfast, perhaps because he urged voters to spoil their votes rather than actually voting for him or anyone else in 2001, or perhaps because although he was not standing in 2004 (for the European Parliament), he still in need of support in Maghaberry, where he was serving time for conspiracy to murder.


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Silence = Complicity

Three images of IRPWA graffiti outside the Royal Hospital on the Falls Road, Belfast: “End the blanket torture of republican POWs – Portlaoise * Maghaberry * England”, “Support the POWs protest Sat Aug 10th 2pm Whiterock Road POW mural”, and “Protest 4 POW status. If you care – you’ll be there “Silence = Complicity” IRPWA.”

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