“Saoirse [freedom] – Free the prisoners” (somewhere on) Falls Road, Belfast.


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Political Status Denied

The fight for political status by the ten 1981 hunger-strikers in the H-Blocks (plus Michael Gaughan and Frank Stagg from the 70s) is linked to the status of republican prisoners in Maghaberry in 2001. A volunteer in funereal clothing, including an Easter lily on his beret, is at the centre. Camlough Road/Carnagat Road, Newry, stronghold of PIRA S. Down, Armagh Brigade.

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Cohionannas Do Gach Duine

Scots Guardsmen Mark Wright and James Fisher, who served six years of a life sentence for the killing of Peter McBride and then rejoined the army, are compared to republican POWs: “An open letter to the British Secretary of State: Why does your government show preferential treatment to ‘state murders’ while discriminating against Irish POWs – we are denied employment, PSV license, no adoption, compensation, visas. Why? Signed St James’s POWs. Co[m]hionannas do gach duine” (equality for everyone)

Donegall Road, Belfast


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