Release The Prisoners Of War Now

Still standing after a decade or more on Racecourse (see 1998) – a ‘green ribbon’ mural from the ceasefire/GFA period.


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Free John Brady Now

“Free John Brady Now – End internment – W???/32CSM” on Chapel Road exiting east from Dungiven. John Brady was released under the Agreement but was returned to prison in 2003 on weapons charges. He died in prison in 2009 (RN); an inquest will begin in November 2018 (Irish News).


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They Weren’t Criminals Then

“1981 – hungerstrikers gain political status; 1998 – Good Friday Agreement signs it away; 2006 – political prisoners are again denied political status. Re-instate political status now!” “The hunger strikers died for political status”. “They weren’t criminals then! They still aren’t now!”. Boards on the railings outside the IRSP offices on the Falls Road.

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