Support Political Status In Maghaberry

Republican graffiti in Central Drive, Derry, demanding political status for prisoners in Maghaberry. Previously seen in 2001.


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Silence = Complicity

Three images of IRPWA graffiti outside the Royal Hospital on the Falls Road, Belfast: “End the blanket torture of republican POWs – Portlaoise * Maghaberry * England”, “Support the POWs protest Sat Aug 10th 2pm Whiterock Road POW mural”, and “Protest 4 POW status. If you care – you’ll be there “Silence = Complicity” IRPWA.”

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Hunger Strike 81

Here are two images of a variety of small boards in Gardenmore Road/Laburnum Way, Belfast, including three about the RUC, a tricoloured H-shaped board with ten crosses, and a portrait of Bobby Sands who lived in the building that the boards are on. (The portrait and the items in the second image date back to at least 1996. See C01012 and C01007.)

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