Bloody Sunday 97/Róisín McAliskey

Stencils in Lecky Road, Derry. Above, a giant eye for the 25th anniversary of Bloody Sunday. Below, “Free Róisín McAliskey”. McAliskey (daughter of Bernadette Devlin McAliskey) was arrested in 1996 in connection with a British Army base in Germany and held until March 1998. The “No RUC” features a skeleton and appears to be hand-drawn.

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Copyright © 1997 Peter Moloney


The second mural by the Bogside Artists (after The Petrol Bomber) also depicts the battle of the bogside and features Bernadette Devlin (later McAliskey). Devlin was elected to the British parliament in 1969 at age 21 and was imprisoned in December for her role in the August uprising. The mural shows Devlin with a megaphone in front of protesters and Free Derry Corner. It replaces another ‘Battle of the Bogside’ mural.

Lecky Road, Derry

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Copyright © 1997 Peter Moloney