Bloody Sunday 97/Róisín McAliskey

Stencils in Lecky Road, Derry. Above, a giant eye for the 25th anniversary of Bloody Sunday. Below, “Free Róisín McAliskey”. McAliskey (daughter of Bernadette Devlin McAliskey) was arrested in 1996 in connection with a British Army base in Germany and held until March 1998. The “No RUC” features a skeleton and appears to be hand-drawn.

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Sinn Féin Peace Action Monitor

Two larger boards on the second storey of the Sinn Féin office on the Falls Road. On the left: “If you are harassed, intimidated or victimized by British Army or RUC, contact your local Sinn Féin”, “Demilitarise now!” On the right: the “Slán Abhaile” image with “Saoirse – Free the political prisoners”, and “Dea mhéin dár dtacaithe go leir óna cime cogaidh” with a list of “Clonard/lr Falls” POWs.

For the smaller boards on the first floor, see Unlock The Door To Peace.

Falls Road, Belfast

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