The Apprentice Boys

Each year the residents of the upper Fountain put the names of the 12 apprentice boys (and images related to the siege of Derry) on the backs and the garden fences of their homes.

The Fountain, Londonderry

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United We Stand, Divided We Fall


The Siege and Relief of Derry are portrayed in two panels painted by J[?] Thompson, and the names of the thirteen Apprentice boys who closed the gates to the city are given in the middle: Campsie, Crookshanks, Morison, Steward, Irwin, Sherrard, Harvy, Cairns, Sherrard, Cunningham, Conninghman, Hunt, Spike. To the left and right are shields of brethren around the world: England, America, Australia, Quebec, and Éire. Sandy Row, Belfast


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Bobby Jackson Mural (2)


King Billy at the Battle Of The Boyne in 1690 and the Relief Of Derry in 1689. This is the “original” mural in its second location (scare-quotes around “original” because the mural was touched up annually).

This (second) location is still in The Fountain (as was the original location), but there is some confusion about the exact location in relation to the original location – they might be very close together. Please get in touch if you can describe this location in relation to the first.

For 1975 images of the mural in its first location, see Bobby Jackson Mural. And for an overall history, see The Jackson Murals.

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