Breaking The Boom

After three and a half months, from April 18th to July 30th, 1689, the Siege of Derry ended when two ships, the Mountjoy (shown here) and the Phoenix, broke through a timber boom that had been placed across the Foyle. Approximately half of the population of the city had died. Roulston Avenue, Londonderry


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The Apprentice Boys Of Derry

The siege of Derry began on December 7th, 1688 when thirteen apprentice boys – without official instruction – shut the gates of the city against the approaching Jacobite army of redshanks.

Emerson Street, Londonderry.


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United We Stand, Divided We Fall


The Siege and Relief of Derry are portrayed in two panels painted by J[?] Thompson, and the names of the thirteen Apprentice boys who closed the gates to the city are given in the middle: Campsie, Crookshanks, Morison, Steward, Irwin, Sherrard, Harvy, Cairns, Sherrard, Cunningham, Conninghman, Hunt, Spike. To the left and right are shields of brethren around the world: England, America, Australia, Quebec, and Éire. Sandy Row, Belfast


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