Stephen Lawrence – Robert Hamill

2005 image of the Lawrence–Hamill board on Brompton Park, Belfast, previously seen in 2002.


Copyright © 2005 Peter Moloney


Pat Finucane

“Targeted by British Establishment; Executed by Loyalist killer gang.” Solicitor and “human rights activist” Pat Finucane was shot in 1989 at his home in north Belfast by loyalist paramilitaries aided by MI5. Collusion in the killing was admitted in 2011 by then-Prime Minister David Cameron. Ten years after Finucane’s death, Rosemary Nelson was also assassinated. “If you don’t defend human rights lawyers, who will defend human rights? – Rosemary Nelson”. Rare for a mural, this piece is signed by the artists.


Copyright © 2003 Peter Moloney

Release All POWs Now

Both male and female prisoners of war are represented in this mural: by the male and female faces — the male above the silhouette of Long Kesh, the female behind bars (presumably of Armagh prison) – and by the (formerly astrological) symbols for male (Mars) and female (Venus). “Saoirse” (“freedom”). The mural is signed (top left): “G[erard Mo Chara] Kelly 95 [© SF??]”. Kinallen Court, Belfast.


Copyright © 1997 Peter Moloney