The Celtic Football Club

Heroes from the Celtic’s past Charlie Tully (of Belfast and Glasgow Celtic), Willie Maley (the first manager), Br. Walfrid (founder of the club in 1888), Jock Stein (manager in 1967) look down over the current team “doing the huddle”.

Friendly Street, Belfast.


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St Colmcille

Three new murals are added to the walls of the Lecky Road underpass to brighten it up. Above, St Colmcille (St Columba) sails from Derry to Iona (Scotland), in order to start a monastery there; he founded a Derry monastery in 540. The smaller pieces show the emblem of (Glasgow) Celtic FC and a young mother in front of a (civil rights?) protest beside Free Derry Corner.

M03971 M03970 M03969

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These hand-drawn BRY/RIRA murals are a montage of many traditional republican symbols, such as Celtic FC, the Easter lily, Bobby Sands, an assault rifle, the Tricolour and a crude island of Ireland. Plus support for Basque separatists ETA. “CRF” = “Catholic Reaction Force”? Dove Gardens, Derry.

M03249 M03250

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Fáilte Go Dtí Bóthar Na bhFal

“Failte go dtí Bothar na bhFal” [Welcome to Falls Road]. From left to right (images top to bottom): Balor, Fomorian enemy of the Tuatha and other mythological characters; Celtic FC (not shown); more heroes perhaps including Nuada; stag with harp player; swans/Children Of Lír; water sprite (not shown; see X00752); Janus/cross/dolmen/fáilte; and (facing the previous murals) swan with signatures (not shown); a dolmen.

Ross Cottages, Belfast.


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The Celtic Football Club

Glasgow Celtic football club (in Scotland/Albain) celebrated its centenary in 1988 and to celebrate the occasion it switched its badge for a season from the familiar four-leaf clover (shown in the second image) to a celtic cross, based on the club’s original badge, which was a cross against a red background (which can be seen at Re-brand Celtic). Friendly Street, Belfast.

M02389 M02391

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The Celtic Football Club

Scottish club Celtic, which nationalists in Northern Ireland support, had a successful 2000-2001 season, winning the Scottish Cup, League Cup, and league, under the direction of new manager Martin O’Neill, who hails from Kilrea, Co. London-/Derry. The emblems of the four provinces have been added to the leaves of the Celtic emblem. “Dedicated to the youth of Twinbrook.” Gardenmore Road, Belfast


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