Female Guardians

This pair of images — “Deserted! Well – I can stand alone” from the anti-Home Rule campaign that continued during WWI and the other a more contemporary scene of “a protestant farmer’s wife guard[ing] her husband against sectarian attack from across the border” — was previously painted in (what remains of) Moscow Street, next to the Rex bar on the Shankill. (See X00066. See also M00558 lower Shankill | M00621 east Belfast | M02302 east Belfast). The plaque on the right was not originally part of the mural (see J2395) and the mural would later be modified by the removal of the Orange Order and St Andrew’s flags (but not the UVF emblem), replaced by a shamrock-strewn banner reading “Fight To A Finish” (M08026).

M03578 Drumtara, Ballymena

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The Ibrox Bar

Ibrox Stadium is the home ground of Scottish club Glasgow Rangers, which has a large following among Protestants in Northern Ireland. The bar was formerly the Bunch Of Grapes (owned by the UDA’s Jim Gray). It’s initial attempt to rebrand itself using Rangers’ logo and the name “Ibrox” drew threat from the club (Irish Independent), and it changed its livery to the Eye-brox bar shown above. Beersbridge Road, Belfast.


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PUP East Belfast Branch

The Progressive Unionist Party (PUP) is a left-leaning unionist party founded in 1979 by Hugh Smyth, who served as Lord Mayor of Belfast in 1994. His successor as leader of the party (in 2002) was former UVF member David Ervine, who had been elected to the NI Assembly in 1998 but would die in January 2007.

Newtownards Road, Belfast

M02922 M02921

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British Ulster Alliance

The British Ulster Alliance is a flute band with a ‘British nationalist’ ideology that occasionally travelled to Northern Ireland to attend marches, such as one in the White City (north of Belfast) in 2006 (Mirror). There was a Rathcoole mural to the band in 2001 (see J0823).

The Union Flag is a composite of the St George’s Cross (England), St Andrew’s Saltire (Scotland), and the Order of St Patrick/St Patrick’s Saltire (Ireland). No Welsh flag is included. The Northern Irish flag (Ulster Banner) is based on the flag of Ulster.

Fountain Street, Londonderry


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The Queen Mother

“HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.” The mural includes a portrait of Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon, wife of George VI and mother of Elizabeth II, her coat of arms (see also Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense), and a verse (sightly modified) from the Orange song The Bible And The Crown: “Salute our sovereign now we part/To us our Queen was dear/Because she had a soldier’s heart/And man she did not fear.//Her soul forlorn she will not scorn,/Where her worth is known/No rebel hate will harm this state,/The bible and the crown.” She died in 2002 at age 101. The four flags are those of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Conway Street, Belfast.


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