Free All LPOW

Vintage RHC [Red Hand Commando] stencil on Newtownards Road calling for the release of loyalist prisoners.


Copyright © 2005 Peter Moloney


Stamp Out Racism

If this Falls Road, Belfast, stencil is aimed at local audiences (rather than protesting the treatment of minorities by the  state – see Institutionalised Racism) it is the first such piece in the Peter Moloney Collection. Sponsored by Ógra Shinn Féin.


Copyright © 2004 Peter Moloney

End Siege Of Short Strand

Short Strand is a Catholic enclave of about 1,000 people in Protestant east Belfast. Throughout 2001 and 2002, the interface saw gun battles and rioting between the two factions. Here is a Guardian account of events in 2002. Above is a rejection of the new PSNI “There are many reasons for not joining the PSNI – this is just one” with a series of wanted posters (seen Collusion! Collusion! and Collusion Is State Murder plus one of Patrick Mayhew). Both parts by Ógra Shinn Féin. Divis Street, Belfast.

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Copyright © 2003 Peter Moloney

Ban Plastic Bullets

The long wall on Divis Street, Belfast, was originally largely covered by a to-scale stencil, called ‘Ban Plastic Bullets‘, detailing the distances at which the victims of plastic bullets were shot. The addition of Spot The Difference and West Belfast Taxis Tours in 2003 meant that only about half of it remained. These two are the right-hand side of the remaining mural.

M02003 M02004

Copyright © 2003 Peter Moloney