City Of Culture

In July of 2010, Londonderry (or “Derry~Londonderry” as it would be styled) (BBC) was chosen as the first UK ‘city of culture’, with a programme of events taking place in 2013 (Culture NI). This Fountain mural shows a Union Flag United Kingdom and the shields of the four ‘home’ nations.

Fountain Street, Londonderry.


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Our Wee Country


This Lord Street mural celebrates the accomplishments of the Northern Ireland soccer team: British champions in 1914, 1980, and 1984 – the last year the “Home Championship” was held and so the trophy (at left) is held by the IFA; World Cup qualifiers in 1958 (Sweden), 1982 (Spain), and 1986 (Mexico). The original trophy, by Jules Rimet, is shown in the third panel; it was kept by Brazil when it won for a third time in 1970. With sponsorship by the East Belfast Historical And Cultural Society. Replaces J2706 “Magnifico Viva Norn Iron”. The image of the Ulster Banner is from 2009; there is “IRA” graffiti in the top left.

M03638 M05161

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HM Queen Elizabeth II

“HM Queen Elizabeth II 1952-2012”. Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor acceded to the throne of the United Kingdom in 1952 (she was crowned in 1953). 2002 was her golden jubilee year. See also Long To Reign Over Us. The ‘sponsorship’ box reads “This mural was commissioned by 1st batt A coy South East Antrim UDA UFF UYM.” It would later be completely whited out and later painted over in black. It is undamaged in J1444. Owenreagh Dr, Rathcoole.


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