Political Status For Republican Prisoners

“Honour our patriot dead – wear an Easter lily”. “Political status for republican prisoners – www.éirígí.org“. These are two small boards below the advertising hoarding at the junction of Northumberland Street and the Falls Road, Belfast. The web address only works with the fadas removed.

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County Antrim Memorial

“Honour Ireland’s dead – wear an Easter lily.” This Beechmount Avenue/Ascaill Ard Na bhFeá mural is a memorial to republicans from County Antrim from 1798 to 1966 – when the ‘County Antrim Memorial’ was raised in Milltown on the 50th anniversary of the Easter Rising – and beyond; it is pictured in the lower right, a large cross-shaped monument. Tom Williams (WP), an IRA volunteer who was executed during the Northern Campaign (during the second world war) and is buried in the plot, is mentioned specifically on the headstone in the lower left.

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Ballymurphy Unbowed Unbroken

“Ní thig leat Éire a chloígh, ní thig leat fonn saoirse mhuintir na hÉireann a mhúc[h]adh.” [“You cannot subdue Ireland; you cannot extinguish the desire for the freedom of the Irish people.”]

Below Cú Chulainn the mural of McCrudden-O’Rawe–Jordan and memorial garden on Divismore Way (left) and Springhill (right). The male figures in the foreground are unnamed but the four in jackets are presumably Stone, McWilliams, McCracken, and Dougal after their mural in Springhill Drive was blanked; the female activists on the left of Cú Chulainn are Mary Austin, Kathleen Clarke, Annie McWilliams. “This mural was unveiled by Gerry Adams MP 2nd May 2010.” “Vote Sinn Féin Vote Adams

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The Laughter Of Our Children

Youth mural combining republican symbols (the Bobby Sands quotation “Our revenge will be the laughter of our children” and Easter lilies) with community symbols (such as nearby Tulach Mhór [Tullymore] and The Larks) and social concerns such as the peace/anti-nuclear symbol, the blue-and-pink anti-suicide ribbon, and Banksy’s flower-thrower.

Shaws Road, Belfast

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A second plaque has been added to the mural of Patrick Mulvenna and Jim Bryson and the mural itself has been refreshed: the lark in the apex has been replaced by funeral trappings and the knot-work frame has been painted over.

“In proud and loving memory of Óglach Patrick Mulvenna, shot dead by British crown forces near this spot while an active service, 31st August 1973, and of his comrade Óglach Jim Bryson, also shot and died of his wounds, 22nd September 1973. Belfast Brigade Óglaigh na hÉireann. I measc laoachra na nGael go raibh siad.”

Ballymurphy Road, Belfast

For the other, original, plaque and the original mural, see Bryson-Mulvenna.


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A Four-Letter Word

Two sides of the same board, in the front yard of Connolly House (Sinn Féin headquarters on the Andersonstown Road). Top, “sometimes it takes a 4-letter word to be heard … vótáil Sinn Féin” with four moments of protest – votes for women, Civil Rights, Sands’s election, Sands. Bottom, 95th anniversary Easter Rising commemoration with (1981 hunger striker) Pat Sheehan as the main speaker.

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Honour Ireland’s Dead

“Wear an Easter lily – i gcuimhne ar an stailc ocrais.” The title phrase and the lily are typically used in calls to remember the rebels of 1916 (see e.g. the mural this one replaces) but here it is (also) employed to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the 1981 hunger strike. The lark is a symbol of political prisoners, the green ribbon was used in the campaign to free them as part of the Agreement; the watchtowers of Long Kesh/Maze are shown. Mural in Beechmount Ave/Ascaill Ard na bhFeá

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