People Of The Greater Newington Area

“In loving memory of all the innocent people and volunteers in the greater Newington area who have lost their lives in the ongoing struggle for Irish freedom. Rest in peace our dear family, friends & comrades. ‘From death springs life and from graves of great patriots springs a great nation’ – Padraig Pearse” (from the oration at the funeral of Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa, 1915).

Ponsonby Avenue, Belfast

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O’Neill-Allsopp Memorial Flute Band

Jim O’Neill was killed in February 1976 during an IRA arson attack on a furniture warehouse on the Antrim Road near the New Lodge – Gerry Fitt’s house next door might have been the ultimate target (Belfast Child); Robert Allsopp appears to have accidentally shot himself in March 1975 (Irish Peace Process). Both were members of Na Fianna. The flute band (Fb) is named in their memory.

Below the portraits of Jim O’Neill and Robert Allsopp is written “Glaine inár cgroí, neart inár ngéaga, beart de reír [réir] ar [ár] mbriathar.” [Purity in our hearts, strength in our limbs, action consistent with our words]

Donore Court, Belfast

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You Cannot Extinguish The Irish Passion For Freedom

Above: “Roll of honour – South Armagh Brigade Óglaigh Na hÉireann. ‘We must take no steps backward, our steps must be onward, for if we don’t, the martyrs that died for you, for me, for this country will haunt us for eternity'” [Maura Drumm, from an anti-internment rally in Dunville Park on 10th August, 1975 (RN)]

Below: “Join Sinn Féin – Bígí linn”. Raymond McCreesh, one of the dead 1981 hunger strikers, was from the (relatively) nearby Camlough. “‘You cannot extinguish the Irish passion for freedom’ – Padraig Pearse”

Newry Road, Crossmaglen

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South Armagh Brigade

“South Armagh Brigade roll of honour Óglaigh Na hÉireann. This garden of remembrance is dedicated to the volunteers of the Irish Republican Army and to the men and women of South Armagh who played their part in the struggle for Irish freedom with integrity, courage and determination. I measc laochra na hÉireann go raibh a n-anam dílis. ‘There is no height or bloody fight a freeman can’t defy/There is no source or foreign force can break one who knows/That his freewill no one can kill and from that freedom grows.'” The poetry is from Bobby Sands’s poem The Crime Of Castlereagh.

Bog Road, Mullaghbane

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Official Republican Movement

A gallery of republican socialist icons: a tarp to Joe McCann – ‘Soldier of the people, Joe McCann 1947-1972 Official IRA’ (WP); a board with a Liam McMillen quote – ‘”We stand not on the brink of victory but on the brink of sectarian disaster”, Liam McMillen, Bodenstown June 28th 1973’ (see the original post on the McMillen board) – and Joe McCann in silhouette; and two circular pieces, one showing the Starry Plough (created in 1914 as the flag of the Irish Citizen Army) and one to co-founder of the ICA ‘James Connolly 1868-1916’ (WP).

The McMillen and Connolly boards replace earlier versions – see On The Brink Of Sectarian Disaster. The Official Republican Movement board was previously around the corner, on the Falls Road.

Above the mural to James Connolly and Nora Connolly.

Clondara Street, Belfast

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Colin Area Roll Of Remembrance

Local IRA volunteers are commemorated in multiple stones in the Twinbrook memorial garden. On the main wall – which is a new addition – are listed Sean Keenan, Michael Ferguson, Lily Campbell, Mary Keenan, Eddie Keenan, Mary McKee, Hugh McKee. On the obelisk on the left (see previously Twinbrook & Poleglass IRA) are Gerard Fennell, John Rooney, Bobby Sands, Frankie Ryan. On the stone to the right – which was previously outside the railings (see M03008) – are the twelve deceased Troubles-era hunger strikers.

“The day will dawn when the people of Ireland this desire for freedom. It’s then we will see the rising of the moon.”

“I have sacrificed for the republic all that man holds dear – my wife, my children, my liberty, my life. – Wolfe Tone”

“The road for suffering is paved with suffering, hardships and torture, carry on my gallant and brave comrades until that certain day. – Tom Williams”

“I too have fought for my freedom not only in captivity but also outside where my country is held captive. I have the spirit of freedom that cannot be quenched. [– Bobby Sands]”

“This monument has been re-dedicated by the people of Twinbrook and Poleglass in honour of those volunteers of Óglaigh na hÉireann who gave their lives for Irish freedom.”

Gardenmore Road, Belfast

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Thug Siad A Raibh Acu

“Thug siad a raibh acú [sic] ar son saoirse na hEirinn [sic].” “From death springs life and from the graves of patriots springs a great nation. [from Pearse’s oration at O’Donovan Rossa’s funeral].” The volunteers listed are Jake McGerrigan, Tony Hughes, Peadar McElvanna, Tony McClelland, Petter Corrigan, Seamus Grew, Roddy Carroll, Gerard Mallon, Sean McIlvanna [McIlvenna], Martin Corrigan, Dessie Grew. McGerrigan and Hughes were OIRA.

Emania Terrace, Armagh, above a plaque to Hughes and next to a memorial stone to McGerrigan and Hughes.


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Our Families, Friends And Neighbours

Above: “In proud and loving memory of the brave volunteers of Óglaigh Na hÉireann who unselfishly gave their lives for the cause of Irish freeom! Thug siad gach rud, ní dhéanfar dearmad orthu go deo. [They gave everything; they will never be forgotten]” Billy Carson, Brian Smyth, Stevie Scullion, Sean Bateson, Nan Saunders, James Saunders, Denis Brown, Jim Mulvenna, Jackie Mailey, Seamus Cassidy Patrick Markey.

Below: “Dedicated to all the people from the Bone, Ballybone and Greater Cliftonville area who lost their lives to the armed forces of Britain and loyalism. They tried but failed to break their spirits and deny them their rights as equals. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a n-anam.” Cornelius Neeson, Brian Canavan, Michael Adamson, James Brown, Joseph Lynch, James Howell, Edward Brady, Liam Conway, John Maguire, Francis Burns, Sean Rafferty, Daniel Mackin, John Patch, Billy Smyth, Joseph Morrissey, Rosaleen Gavin, Seamus Duffy, Pauline Doherty, David McClenaghan, Ann-Marie Magee, Stephen Murphy, Leo McGuigan, Michael Scott, Sean Campbell, John Lovett, Thomas Madden, Thomas McLaughlin, Mary Smyth, Tony Molloy, Dermot McGuinness, Sadie McComb, Theresa Murray, Sean Madden, Charles Watson, Peter Orderly, Trevor Close, Thomas Burns, Martin Duffy

Clós Ard An Lao, Béal Feirste

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A tarp is added to the Ardoyne memorial garden putting the 12 deceased hunger strikers from the modern Troubles alongside those who were executed for their part in the Easter Rising. “The ideals behind the Proclamation, the Easter Rising and the hunger strikes are the ideals which drive Sinn Féin today, social equality, economic and political freedom and the believe [sic] that all the people of the island should benefit from the labour of the island. It is for this reason that this signatories, the hunger strikers and the thousands of others gave their lives.”

For the cross, see 2002.

Berwick Road, Belfast

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