Welcome To Ballyduff

Depicted on the skin of a lambeg drum, a young boy plays a lambeg drum. the insignia is from “Carnmoney 1551”, perhaps related to Glengormley Purple Star LOL 1551.

Two sides of an electrical box in Fairview Road, Ballyduff.

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Attack of the Ulster Division

Ulster Volunteers in the 36th (Ulster) Division go over the top at the Battle Of The Somme, 1916 – a partial recreation of JP Beadle’s “Battle of the Somme: Attack of the Ulster Division”, which hangs in Belfast City Hall (militaryprints.com). The base is a composite of orange lilies, thistles, and roses. Wellington Green, Larne.

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Pony Club Arch

This is the Orange arch next to the Pony Club in the Hammer (lower Shankill). The five boards, from left to right, show “Shankill Road Campsie Club”, the crown and bible with orange lilies, King Billy in 1690, the crown and cross of the “Royal Black Preceptory”, and the orange star between St Andrew’s Saltire and the Union Flag (see Ulster Scotland for a larger version). Ariel Street, Belfast.

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Ulster Freedom Fighters

The orange lily makes a rare appearance in a paramilitary mural. The hooded gunmen are from the UFF/UDA. Volunteer Stephen “Benson” Kingsberry is remembered in the panel towards the back of the house. He died from consuming tainted ecstasy (perhaps distributed by the UVF). He was included in the roll of honour in Lemberg Street. Kilburn Street, Belfast. Seen previously in 2005.

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Tomorrow Belongs To Us

Michael Stone is removed from the central circle (see J0550) and replaced by an UYM fist. Jonathan “JJ” Gray – son of Jim Gray – died on holiday in Thailand in 2002. Jim Gray, who once owned the pub at the top of the street (Avenue One), himself would be shot in October 2005 after being expelled from the UDA in March. Rab Brown is perhaps the UVF commander – it’s not clear why he’s on a UDA mural. The flag of the ‘Ulster nation’ joins the Ulster Banner. Templemore Avenue, Belfast.

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