Longtower Youth Club


Longtower Youth Club – 66 years serving the community”. An oak leaf (for Derry) combined with a dove (for peace) next to three panels (only on of which is shown) of “Brandywell Sporting Heroes”. St Columba’s Walk, Derry.

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The Cutting Edge






Five in a row in Moyola Drive, Derry: Briogáid Doire with crossed rifles and oak leaves; [a Tricolour – no separate image]; “the cutting edge” weaponry; a Sunburst; and, a celtic cross flying Starry Plough and Tricolour with the names of the deceased 1981 hunger strikers.

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IRA Rule Derry

M00188 Westland St 1982+

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On the left, a Bible quote — “No greater love hath a man than he lays down his life for his friends.” [John 15:13] — and The 5 Demands — No prison uniform, no prison work, free association, letters, visits, etc., full remission — with the oak leaf and crossed rifles of the Derry Brigade Provisional IRA in between.

On the right, Starry Plough, fractured “H”, and Irish Tricolour are linked by barbed wire. With posters above for hunger-strikers Pat Sheehan, Jackie McMullan, [Hugh] Gerry Carville, who all ended their strikes when October 3rd, 1981, when the strike was ended.

Westland Street, Derry

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