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Help with substance abuseis offered by Resolve. The plaque on the right describes the board that was previously on this gable, to Stan Carberry and other Beechmount dead (see Crossed Rifles). AMCOMRI Street, Belfast.


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Volunteers From The New Barnsley Area

The New Barnsley memorial garden is greatly expanded over the single plaque from 2005, to include a larger main plaque, a smaller one commemorating early resistance “Sheas siad le chéile” [They stood together], and wrought-iron gates with a phoenix and “Óglaigh na hÉireann”.

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Out Of The Ashes Of 1798

“I ndíl chuimhne – this plaque is dedicated to all those from the greater Newington area who lost their lives as a result of the conflict in this country.” Pikemen from the 1798 uprising flank a phoenix, with portraits above of Wolfe Tone, James Connolly, Henry Joy McCracken, and Mary Ann McCracken.

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The IRA memorial in the centre of Crossmaglen (in Cearnóg An Chairdineil Ó Fiaich) depicts a young man striding forward (as in the Gibraltar mural drawing on the memorial at Ballyseedy) over a phoenix.

“Glóire daoibhse a laochra umhla cróga a d’fhulaing le fonn ar méad bhur ngrá fial ar shaoirse na hÉireann.” “Glory to you all praised and humble heroes who have willingly suffered for your unselfish and passionate love of Irish freedom.”

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Crossed Rifles

Pike, pistol, and assault rifles — a brief history of republican weaponry in remembrance of local volunteers and activists. At the centre, below the phoenix, is Stan Carberry, included on a Falls Road plaque. AMCOMRI Street, Belfast. “Erected by Coiste Cuimhneacháin Ard na bhFeá 2003. The plaque reads, “This mural is dedicated to the volunteers of ‘A’ company 2nd batt. Belfast Brigade Óglaigh na hÉireann, to the Sinn Féin members Mid Falls cumann, who militarily and politically gave their all for a 32 county social democratic republic. Their names have been spoken off [sic] among their friends and comrades throughout the years. Now everyone can see the faces and not just hear the names of the ordinary people with extra-ordinary lives.”

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