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Republican Sinn Féin split from PSF in 1986 over the decision to take seats in the Dáil. The IRA (associated with PSF) was disarming in 2001.


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Top Of The Hill

These images are from Top Of The Hill/Gobnascale. The size of the Tricolour flying on Old Strabane Road can be gauged by the second picture, which was taken from Craigavon bridge.

M04439 [M04440] M04441 M04438 M04437

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These hand-drawn BRY/RIRA murals are a montage of many traditional republican symbols, such as Celtic FC, the Easter lily, Bobby Sands, an assault rifle, the Tricolour and a crude island of Ireland. Plus support for Basque separatists ETA. “CRF” = “Catholic Reaction Force”? Dove Gardens, Derry.

M03249 M03250

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This series of images comes from the Lecky Road, Derry underpass. Patsy O’Hara, Joe McDonnell, and Tom McElwee get individual boards. Unusually, both the Real IRA and Continuity IRA are included in the final panel. As can be seen in the wide shot, to the left are Roll Of Honour and BRY 1969.

M02765 M02766 M02767 M02768 M02869 M02770 [M03355] M03351 [M03300]

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BRY 1969

The Roll Of Honour (to the hunger strikers) we have seen before, in 2003 and 2004. New is the BRY (Bogside Republican Youth) mural to the right, claiming to date back to 1969, with the shield of Ulster on a Tricolour and fadas randomly distributed over “tiocfaidh ár lá”. Lecky Road, Derry.

M02762 M02761 M02763

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