Sniper At Work

“PSNI Beware – Sniper at work” – an old IRA meme is revived for the post-peace era.

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Stormont Shame

“Internment an injustice in Ireland today. 1971-2009. Stormont shame.” RNU [Republican Network for Unity] board on the rear of Free Derry Corner, with a fist in place of Carson’s statue on the road to Stormont.


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No Water Charges!!!

This BBC page gives a brief history of water charges in Northern Ireland up to 2009, eight years after they were originally to be introduced. The protesting board above – “No water charges”, below an Ógra Shinn Féin board, is in Bridge Street, Strabane.

“Join Ógra Shinn Féin. Shaping the Ireland of tomorrow – a voice for the youth of today. ‘Everyone has their part to play’ – Bobby Sands.”

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These hand-drawn BRY/RIRA murals are a montage of many traditional republican symbols, such as Celtic FC, the Easter lily, Bobby Sands, an assault rifle, the Tricolour and a crude island of Ireland. Plus support for Basque separatists ETA. “CRF” = “Catholic Reaction Force”? Dove Gardens, Derry.

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