Funeral Volley

Here is the scene in Clowney Street, Belfast, in 2002: the (third? version of the) phoenix mural is 12 years old, and the funeral volley mural above it (seen in 2001) has lost one of its boards.


Copyright © 2002 Peter Moloney


A Traitor And A Murderess


“[The] Anglo-Irish Agreement proved one to be a traitor, the other the murderess she is.” The portraits are presumably of Margaret Thatcher and Garrett FitzGerald, who signed the agreement at Hillsborough Castle in November, 1985, though it is difficult to tell them apart – which is perhaps the point. A good picture of the pair can be found at the top of this Guardian article on the crafting of the document. This is the fifth (extreme right) of five mural on a wall in Ballycolman estate, Strabane.


Copyright © 1989 Peter Moloney

1916-1982/Break Thatcher’s Back



Here is a 1982 image of the Break Thatcher’s Back mural in Rockmore Road, Belfast, showing a blanket man with outstretched arms demanding “status now”, framed by a large “H” and surrounded by barbed wire, Tricolours, and the Starry Plough. In 1981, there was a Sean O’Casey quote on the left, rather than a lily and the year of the Easter Rising — 1916.

M00212 M00213

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The People Arose In 69


This is (as of 2016) the oldest continuously maintained mural in Belfast (in Clowney Street). It was touched up in 1987 and 1990, and was repainted in 2013. It features a central phoenix and the shields of the four provinces, and two rhyming couplets: The people arose in 69/they will do it again at any time. Maggie Thatcher think again/don’t let our brave men die in vain.


Copyright © 1981 LC