Three of four parts of a long mural about censorship. In the first, a pair of “Censor Ltd” scissors cut the cord to the microphone of a speaker who is also gagged. The second gives figures making the case for the under-representation of Sinn Féin in government: 1 MP, 40[%] nationalist elec[torate?], 56 [city/district] council[lors]. Just out of view to the right of “Censored” is “Britain ignores the voice of arguement.” Ballycolman, Strabane. For the image on which the first panel is based, see Many Have Eyes.

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Many Have Eyes/Who Next

M00284 Blucher St 1985+

M00285 Blucher St 1985+


These two murals — one about censorship (“Many have eyes but cannot see?”) and one about the death by platic bullet of Sean Downes (“Sean Downes RIP — Who Next” see this NYTimes article for a description) — are adjacent to one another in Blucher Street, Derry. “Many Have Eyes” is based on a poster from the May 1968 Paris Uprising, “Information Libre” (below).

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