Julie Livingstone

“Julie Livingstone aged 14 yrs. Murdered by the British Army 13th May 1981.” “The Stolen Child – Come away, O human child/To the waters and the wild/With a faery hand in hand/For the world’s more full of weeping/Than you can understand! – WB Yeats.” Livingstone was killed by a plastic bullet. The mural is in Glenveagh Drive. There is also a stone and plaque near the spot she was struck, on the Stewartstown Road.

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On The Shankill

This sequence of ‘Shankill life’ murals is led off by Baroness May Blood, a Labour peer and MBE for her work with the TGWU and integrated education. The other panels show children’s art and celebrate the sense of community, those who served and died in WWI, 11th night, the Orange Order, and the women’s group. Cupar Way, Belfast.

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“The young do not know enough to be prudent and therefore they attempt the impossible and achieve it … generation after generation – Pearl S Buck” “Adults do not perceive children as a minority group but as helpless, inexperienced, defenseless young people who need protection … This attitude must be confronted, challenged and refuted if young people are to secure their political rights. – Bob Franklin”. The info board describes the history of the wall, from Eddie to Can It Change? to the current re-imaging. Painted by Ed Reynolds. With support from the Arts Council, Belfast City Council, and the Lower Shankill Community Association. Hopewell Crescent, Belfast.

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