Cuba – Fifty Years Of Revolution

2010 image of the 2009 Cuba mural, with the word “Venceremos” added on the left-hand side.

Pro-Cuba mural on the international wall and criticism of the Obama regime’s continuation of the US blockade. “The world opposes US blockade of Cuba. Time for a change Mr Obama.” “UN General Assembly resolution Oct 2008. Countries opposed to the blockade: 185. Countries in favour: 3 (US, Israel, Palau)”. “¡Aqui no se rinde nadie!” [There’s no giving up here!]


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Barbarian Israeli Aggression

Updated pro-Palestinian mural on the so-called “International Wall.” For the original, see M03990. Centrally “We will return” has become “‘This is a war crime!’ – Yonaton Shapira, Israeli refusnik.” Shapira is a former Israeli pilot.

“Free Palestine from 60 years of Nakba! End this barbarian Israeli aggression! You destroy our home but we build a nation. 1300 slaughtered.”


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Not Spain, Not France

“1650-2009: 350 years of occupation, 350 years of resistance. Catalan language has been spoken since VIII century. Nowadays, after 350 years of occupation and prohibition, there are 9 million Catalan speakers. The spirit of revolt against the Spanish kingdom and French state is still alive. The struggle of the Catalan people continues against the existing discriminations. Not Spain, not France.” “Saoirse na hÉireann, Llibrtat Països Catalans”. In Clowney Street next to the ‘1969 Phoenix’ mural which dates back to 1981.

M05620 M05619

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Shame On You, Israel

“Shame on you! Israel. Murderous attack on humanitarian aid ships and the massacre of aid workers bringing vital supplies to the Palestinian refugees in Gaza. 19 dead – scores injured.” “Sinn Féin condemns the slaughter of humanitarian aid-workers.” “Shame on you! Israel. Stop the war on Gaza.” Posters on the former site of the Andersonstown RUC barracks.

M05594 [M05591] [M05592] [M05593]

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The War Isn’t Over

These graffiti and small boards are on the fence around Dove Gardens as it is rebuilt. “God bless the Loughgall martyrs” and “Oglaigh na hEireann” and “IRA rule” aim to establish the CIRA and RIRA as simply the IRA. For “Free Colin Duffy” see Freedom Is A State Of Mind.

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