Thig Leo An Réabhlóideach A Mharú

Three INLA volunteers are commemorated on this Rossville Street, Derry, plaque. 18 year-old Colm McNutt was shot by an undercover SAS officer during a botched hijacking, tipped off by best friend and informer Raymond Gilmour (Irish News). A drunken Phelan was shot by an off-duty NYPD officer in New York, nine years after leaving the country (LA Times | NY Times). McShane was run over and crushed by a British APC during riots against the treatment of Catholics during the Drumcree standoff (RN). “Thig leo an réabhlóideach a mharú, ach ní thig leo an réabhlóid a mharú choíche.” (They can kill the revolutionary …)


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Éire Nua

“Éire Nua” was the Provisional Sinn Féin and (after the split) Republican Sinn Féin (RSF) plan for a federal Ireland, with a semi-independent Ulster parliament. The board above combines various iconic images: Divis tower, Cave Hill, Free Derry Corner, the female volunteer in beretthe revolutionary in front of the Tricolour on a pike.


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They May Kill The Revolutionary

“They may kill the revolutionary but not the revolution.” The imagery of the open-throated volunteers goes back to a 1981 poster. The 11 portraits are perhaps those of the people listed on the roll of honour at Constance Markievicz House, a short distance away: Martin Skillen, Gerard Fennell, Sean McDermott, Paul Best, Pearse Jordan, Terence O’Neill, John Dempsey, Martin Forsythe, Tom Magill, Sean Savage. Kevin McCracken. Norglen Parade, Belfast.


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Markets Volunteers

The portraits are of Tony Nolan, Joseph Downey, Frank Fitzsimons, Joey Surgenor, Paul Marlowe, Jim Templeton, and Brendan Davison, all of whom were IRA volunteers (Templeton, aged 15, was in the Fianna) and all of whom died in and around the Markets. (Their names would be added to the mural.) This mural replaces Firing Party and is based on the photograph included in Victory IRA. Friendly Way, Belfast.

M01770 M01769

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Stop Aggression Against Palestinian People

“Palestine Ireland Solidarity”. Ariel Sharon is described as a “Terrorist – indicted for war crimes” while Yasser Arafat is a “Peacemaker – a life devoted to conflict resolution”. A dove of peace is bleeding from Star of David bullets. On top of Disband The RUC in Cromac Street, Belfast.


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