Brownstown Arch

Orange Order symbols and slogans on the arch in Jervis Street, Portadown: “United we stand, divided we fall”, “Fear God, honour the king”, “The glorious memory – 1690” “For God and Ulster”. King Billy is shown between two panels of orange lilies.

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Ballyclare Arch

“Six Mile Water District No 10”, and “Ballyclare Royal Black District No 6″ with Orange and Royal Black symbols, including “2 1/2” in an arch and a trio of staff, pick, and spade. Doagh Road, Ballyclare.

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The Williamite Campaign

Scenes from the Siege Of Derry and Battle Of The Boyne in the Fountain, Londonderry: Captain Browning of the Mountjoy being shot as goods were unloaded from his ship, the beseiged lamenting over a dead comrade, The battle of the Boyne, battle scene, Willian King Memorial Flute Band, Siege of Derry. The area was photographed previously in 20022006, and 2007.


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Ulster Volunteer Force 1912-2005

The 36th (Ulster) Division, formed from the Ulster Volunteers, went “over the top” at the Battle of the Somme on July 1st, 1916, losing about 5,500 men. They are mourned in this Mount Vernon arch by a soldier from the period and a modern paramilitary. In the background is “Prepared for peace, ready for war“.


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