UVF Band

“They said we’d never last.” The UVF Regimental (flute) Band (tw) celebrates 40 years in existence with a banner across the Newtownards Road at the Belvoir Bar (to the left of the bunting in the third image). (The final image is of the bunting in Lendrick street, across Newtownards Road). See also: 50th anniversary.

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It’s not clear that this ‘collusion’ tarp – with spider-legs of MI5, UDR, PSNI, RHC, UFF, LVF, UDA, UVF and a web beginning at the door of 10 Downing Street – was ever hung, perhaps due to the spelling mistake: “A web of double-agents, death squads and deciept [sic]”. Similar image on Andersonstown Road. It is lying at the Glen Road-Falls Road junction, site of thee old RUC barracks.


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Don’t Pay Water Charges

Derry civil rights campaigner and long-time activist Eamonn McCann stood for the Socialist Environmental Alliance in the 2007 Assembly elections (ARK). Water charges were due to be introduced in March, 2007 (BBC-NI). McCann secured 5% of the first preference vote and was not elected. From 2004: McCann’s The Man. Waterloo Street, Derry.

Eamonn McCann ran


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