Loyalists Welcome

A banner announcing the Rising Sons Flute Band outside their practice hall in Castlereagh Street, east Belfast. (Also from 2008: Rising Sons Flute Band mural.)


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No Surrender

Flags outside a house in Bann Drive, Londonderry, celebrating “The Brave Thirteen” apprentice boys who began the siege of Derry, the ship Mountjoy that ended the siege, and the city of Londonderry (“Vita, veritas, victoria”).

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Don’t Pay Water Charges

Derry civil rights campaigner and long-time activist Eamonn McCann stood for the Socialist Environmental Alliance in the 2007 Assembly elections (ARK). Water charges were due to be introduced in March, 2007 (BBC-NI). McCann secured 5% of the first preference vote and was not elected. From 2004: McCann’s The Man. Waterloo Street, Derry.

Eamonn McCann ran


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Loyalist Eden

The village of Eden is being absorbed by an expanding Carrickfergus, famous for the castle shown in the UDA board in the first image.  King William’s True Blues flute band (KWTB) amalgamated with the South East Antrim Defenders. Sources are few but it seems that SEA Defenders disbanded in 2007 but was re-established in 2010. (See previously 2004.)

Larne Road, Eden

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