UVF emblem nailed to a lone tree along Ballyfore Road, Ballyduff.


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Monkstown 1st Batt UDA

This is a new version of the Monkstown UDA 1st battalion mural on Devenish Drive. The previous showed volunteers on manoeuvres in front of Three Mile Water aqueduct in the top portion. This new mural shows graveside volunteers with assault rifles point down, mourning William Hobbs and James Boyd McClurg. The two died from a premature bomb explosion on May 10th, 1977, across the road from the mural in Seagoe Gardens; Hobbs died immediately, McClurg of his injuries a few weeks later. “All gave some, some gave all.”

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Neamhcromtha, Neamhbhriste!

“Unbowed, unbroken.” Five of the original 18 portraits are missing – see the image from 2006 (as well as the plaque just out of shot to the left.)

This is a version of the earlier Éire/Ireland mural (depicted as a female in the centre of the mural) seen in 2005.

Mountpottinger Road, Belfast.


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The United Strength

“Republican Network For Unity – “It is futile to say that partition will end if we are patient. The border will not fade away, nor partition be ended until such time as the united strength is used in the supreme effort to get rid of it” – Cmdt General Tom Barry” Tom Barry’s quote serves as inspiration for the recently-formed (2007) RNU.

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Sweep It Under The Carpet

Banksy’s ‘Sweep It Under The Carpet‘ is used to highlight mental health and suicide awareness. “Suicide kills two – you and those who love you”, “Never underestimate your problem or your ability to deal with it”, “A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down”, “You may only be someone in the world but to someone you are the world.”

Northumberland Street, Belfast.


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Seventeen People Killed

The board to the victims of rubber and plastic bullets in Islandbawn Street, is updated with a revised year: previously it read “Since 1972” now it reads “Since 1970 seventeen people killed including 8 children.” See also Civil Order, Plastic Death.

With graffiti below, originally stating “No votes for Sinn Fein traitors” modified to become “Vote for Sinn Fein”.

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Not Spain, Not France

“1650-2009: 350 years of occupation, 350 years of resistance. Catalan language has been spoken since VIII century. Nowadays, after 350 years of occupation and prohibition, there are 9 million Catalan speakers. The spirit of revolt against the Spanish kingdom and French state is still alive. The struggle of the Catalan people continues against the existing discriminations. Not Spain, not France.” “Saoirse na hÉireann, Llibrtat Països Catalans”. In Clowney Street next to the ‘1969 Phoenix’ mural which dates back to 1981.

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Shame On You, Israel

“Shame on you! Israel. Murderous attack on humanitarian aid ships and the massacre of aid workers bringing vital supplies to the Palestinian refugees in Gaza. 19 dead – scores injured.” “Sinn Féin condemns the slaughter of humanitarian aid-workers.” “Shame on you! Israel. Stop the war on Gaza.” Posters on the former site of the Andersonstown RUC barracks.

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