HMS Belfast

“HMS Belfast – built in Belfast to protect Britain’s future. Pro tanto quid retribuamus. [What shall we give in return for so much? – the motto of Belfast city]”. The mural shows HMS Belfast being launched on March 17, 1938. Tower Street, Belfast. After serving in WWI and Korea, the ship is now a tourist attraction in London.

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Portraits Of The Market

Artist Raymond Henshaw undertook a series of six collages of photographs of the Markets area of south Belfast (in 2008): Social, Bars, Industry, Social History, Sport & Culture, and – shown in today’s post – Portraits of locals, such as snooker player “Joe Swales” (Joe Swail) and familiar buildings, such as Loughran’s Shop. The boards were part of the 2008 re-imaging campaign and sponsored by the Arts Council. Eliza Street.


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An Gorta Mór

2009 image of the (second – see C05209) Great Hunger mural on Ardoyne Avenue (see previously the mural in 2002) with the correct spelling of “emigration” restored (see 2004).

“They buried us without shroud or coffin” is a line from an unrelated Seamus Heaney poem Requiem For The Croppies. Produced by “Ardoyne Art & Environment Project”.

The plaque on the left is to Larry Marley.


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Sean Mac Diarmada

“Sean Mac Diarmada 1883-1916 a bhí ina chónaí i Sráid de Buitléir sa bhiain 1905.” [who was living in Butler Street in the year 1905]. Seán MacDiarmada was born in Leitrim, left for Glasgow at age 15, but after two years returned to Belfast in 1905 (working on the trams) and – according to the new mural above – spoke from the back of a coal lorry in Clonard Street, outside the Clonard branch of the Ancient Order Of Hibernians. MacDiarmada was for a short time an AOH member, before moving on to the Irish Republican Brotherhood and Irish Volunteers, which led to his participation in the 1916 Easter Rising and execution on May 12th of that year. Havana Way, Belfast.


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People Of The Colin Area

The damaged Final Salute mural in Twinbrook is replaced by a memorial to IRA volunteers Gerard Fennell (killed by a British Army sniper in 1974), John Rooney (a week after Fennell), Bobby Sands, and Frankie Ryan (killed by a premature bomb explosion in St Albans). “Always remembered by the people of the Colin area.”

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The One Stop Ulster Shop

Fulfilling all your marching band and Orange Order needs: the One Stop Ulster Shop in its former location half-way down Sandy Row (before becoming Living Tradition and then Sandy Row Marching Band Supplies). The Royal Banner of Scotland is included alongside St Andrew’s Saltire. Bands included along the awning for the shutters are Clydevalley Volunteers Glasgow, Millar Memorial Belfast, Ballynahinch Young Loyalists, MYC Newtownards, Skeogh Flute Band, ? Liverpool, Clydevalley Volunteers Larne, Crumlin Young Loyalists, Steeple Defenders Antrim, Ballee Blues And Royals, Pride of the Shore North Belfast, Ballysillan Volunteers, Pride of Shankill, Somme Volunteers Flute Band, Glenhugh Flute Band Ahoghill, Bridgeton Loyalists, Lower Ards Volunteers, Rising Sons East Belfast, Rising Sons Of The Somme Carrickfergus.

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