Vote Republican

“Change the dynamics of local politics – vote republican! vote for change! Vótáil Garry Donnelly #1 Derry City Council elections 2011” Donnelly ran as an independent republican; he was unsuccessful in 2011 but elected in 2014 (WP). The board appears below a 32CSM board in Westland St, Derry.

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Vótáil Sinn Féin

Sinn Féin electoral ads from Derry and Omagh ahead of the 2011 Assembly elections:

First, a paint-bombed hoarding at the top of Abercorn Road, Derry.
Second, the words of Bobby Sands are invoked in Gobnascale (Strabane Old Rd) – May 5th is also the date of Sands’s death in 1981.
Third, “Ceannasaíocht ar fud na hÉireann” from West Tyrone Sinn Féin in James Street, Omagh.

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Lincoln Court Community Spirit

“Remembering the past … striving for a better future.” A UFF mural in Lincoln Court is re-imaged. The four boards show …
1970s: “Defence” UDA volunteers outside Lincoln Court Community Association
1980s: “Culture” Flute band drums
1990s: “Tradition” Bonfire
2000s: “Future” Kids’ playground

Below it is the 40m-long mural “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here“.

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An Feachtas Um Cheartas Dhomhnach Na Fola/The Bloody Sunday Justice Campaign was founded in 1992 to press for a repudiation of the original (Widgery) Bloody Sunday inquiry and the reopening of the case (Museum Of Free Derry). That second (a.k.a. Saville) inquiry published its findings in June 2010, concluding that those killed and injured were innocent protesters, which led then-UK Prime Minister David Cameron to apologise (Museum Of Free Derry).

A march in search of justice for the Bloody Sunday victims has been held annually since 1973, taking the same route as in 1972 from from Creggan shops to Free Derry Corner; the annual march has continued.

The rear of Free Derry corner has its own Visual History page.

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Changing Faces

“The Changing Faces artwork is a project that has been undertaken by a group of young people from Impact Training. They looked to their surrounding area where they explored and documented how it appears in 2010. What is the Shankill? What does it look like and what does it mean to youth culture now? Murals have been something that has been prevalent in the community for many years. Times change, opinions soften and people can begin to build a changing face.” On the left is a selection of details from murals with familiar subjects: King Billy, hooded gunmen, the red hand of Ulster, Carson, the Queen Mother; on the right are four panels on the theme of the red hand of Ulster in youth culture (clockwise from left): with wild-style writing from the Cupar Way “peace” line and soccer, with pop music, with It’s All Good by Dublin artist Maser, and with a (two-handed) warrior. “Don’t push away our culture … learn it and embrace it.”

For more on the attempt to put community art on the Cupar Way “peace” line, see Visual History 10.

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