New Face, New Thinking

Rival constituency offices on opposite sides of Market Square in Dromore. Above, the UUP office (Basil McCrea MLA); below, the DUP office (MLAs Jonathan Craig, Jeffrey Donaldson, Edwin Poots). With commentary on a nearby wall: “DUP sell out”.

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The Oak Grove

These two artworks are on opposite sides of the new entrance to Dove Gardens adjacent to the gasyard (now a heritage site) on Lecky Road, Derry, after the area was rebuilt. If you know more about them, including the artist(s), please get in touch.

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If Carlsberg Watched Bonfires

Signage on the 2010 Monach bonfire: “Michael Quinn weres [sic] your ball. Ward 3 South [?of Belfast City hospital?].” “Fuck ur IBA” [a gang of young hoods from CNR St James’s]. And “If Carlsberg watched bonfires, DRL [Dongall Road Loyalists] wuda [“would have”] been [the] best watched bonfire in the world.” There is also a swastika at the bottom. On the night, there was rioting at the site (BelTel).

The other Donegall Road bonfire (at the City Hospital) was set burnt out early (BelTel) and on the night there was a hit and run (BelTel).

Monarch Street, Belfast, in the old industrial estate.

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Mourneview Youth

Here is the scene at Mourne Road along the side of the Mace (later a Spar). On the low wall is a ‘Mourneview Youth’ mural (presumably by BlazeFX) – there were previously LVF murals on this wall. In the bricked-up windows are a series of cultural panels, on the Battle Of The Boyne, music, William McFadzean’s VC, fire, faith, defence (WWI), plus one other (perhaps ‘school’?)

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